Sincerely, Sara

A collection of my ranting and ravings. Please don't take anything personally; it's not meant as a personal attack to anyone. In the moments, I needed to tell these people things that I couldn't so I wrote them down. Each situation has been dealt with, but I would like to publish what I wrote, because the words tend to flow nicer when I am passionate about it.
WARNING: These stories contain mature content and discussion of such; examples including rape, sexual assault and abuse. Please don't feel like you have to read it, because you don't have to if you don't want to.


3. To "Not My Opinion":

I shared it and wrote my opinion in good faith, but apparently that's something that died out long ago. It's nice to know that you weren't sharing your opinion and yes we are on the same side of the argument, but reading the whole fucking article before you make a comment would help out a lot when you make comments. It is clearly evident that your assumption of my opinions is not what they are made out to be. I am trying to be the bigger person in this situation, by not falling to your level of pettiness. I've told you within the comments that I will defend it -- and defend it to the death -- because it is my roommate that is behind this movement.


I'm waiting to see you in the hallway or where ever I run into you next, for you to make a comment. Because I already know that you're shit talking me behind my back to "Yeah, Probably", as "Yeah, Probably" keeps looking over to see what I am typing; and that's the type of people who you are. I know this because I know you. Surprisingly, yes, shocking isn't it? I know that as soon as someone shows the slightest hint of disagreeing with you, you automatically try to shut them down; God forbid that someone else on the same side of the argument as you is unable to express what they think. I know that you have dealt with a lot, but so has everyone else. I know that you're an athlete and so am I, you run cross-country but I happen to be a ballet dancer. Would you tell me that I don't have an opinion because of what sport I compete in? I also know that you've told "Yeah, Probably" about everything that went down, making me look like the bad guy when in reality we are both at fault. Your attempts to make people look bad are childish  and extremely callow. Not so angelic now, are you?


If you wish to meet me in person to try and discuss this, why didn't you tell me before stating that it wasn't your opinion that I was commenting on. I was very ruthless with my response, I know. Could it have been worded differently? Of course, but that's besides the point. You have officially and clearly pissed off the wrong person. This is not a threat nor will it ever be as it would waste too much energy to argue with you and frankly I have much better things to be doing with my time.


I hope you feel very satisfied with yourself because you took my statements to heart as I did yours, which is why we are here. I dare you to tell me anything different to the above because you will be everything but right.

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