Of Summer Breezes and Flimsy Nightgowns

Faye struggles with sleep on a warm summer night and leaves her room to cool down. Needless to say, she doesn't succeed.
One shot.


1. Temptations

The flimsy fabric of her nightgown clung closely to her damp skin. Faye had woken hot and sweaty in the middle of the night, and knowing she wouldn’t fall asleep again before she cooled down, the demoness had ventured to the garden. It was in the middle of summer, but seeing as she found herself in Cimmeria, the night was cool and a breeze blew gently – cooling her heated skin. She exhaled gratefully, wrapping her arms carefully around herself as she strode.  The dew on the grass felt nice against her bare feet, and the chilly air seemed to let her breathe again. Closing her eyes, she inhaled the freshness of the night, enjoying the calm, the silence. Not a thought, not a sound interrupted her lone moment with the crescent moon and the stars. A smile traced over the blonde’s lips as a stronger wind seemed to pull at her hair and gown. Spreading out her arms she welcomed it, feeling the breeze against the skin of her stomach, her thighs, her collarbone, enjoying as it played with her unruly hair and kissed her warm cheeks and forehead. A content sigh escaped her lips, only to join the breeze as it left. This night was almost perfect. She was happy, and calm at mind – a calm she had missed in what seemed like a minor eternity. However, the knowledge that her daughter was alive seemed to have built up her cheer and tranquillity faster than a Cimmerian could empty a mug of beer. The demoness embraced herself again, eyes seeking out the moon before she felt herself being watched. Honey met metal and water as she turned; facing the vampire, who tilted his head at her from the window. Her lips curled into a secretive smile; she brushed some blonde locks off her shoulder, before removing herself from his line of view. With light, quick steps, she headed for the door, biting her lip to hold back a grin as Eliott opened it, the light streaming out as he did, creating a safe path for her in the dark.
As she skipped over the doorsill, the vampire rose an eyebrow at her; however, she noticed the wonder tracing the edge of his smile before he even asked a question, “What were you doing out there?”
A playful expression passed over her face, “I was hot… and the chilly air lured me outside~” The male nodded slowly, eyes locked on hers, but she had a feeling they’d rather be looking elsewhere. His interest made her wonder… Gently, she bit onto her lower lip, battering her lashes at him, while her hand found the hem of the flimsy nightgown to play with, drawing his attention from her eyes for a moment. “Eliott~?” His name said in a sensual whisper, as she slowly stepped towards him. A sly smirk took place on her lips, as she watched him subconsciously move closer and swallow. When close enough, she wrapped her arms around his neck, twirling his hair around her fingers to play, and to get him closer to her. Lips millimetres apart, she locked her eyes with his, a whispered request leaving her lips. The vampire seemed to comply, as his lips soon engaged hers in a kiss. Parting her lips, she gave herself over to him, allowing him to part her lips and have a dance. She ravelled in the kiss, feeling a chill creep up her spine as his cold hands found her waist, encouraging and pulling her closer to him. But when she pressed herself against him, feeling his excitement and his cold, Eliott almost jumped, pulling himself away from her slowly, but cautiously, as if he just realised he was kissing someone with a poisonous bite; which was not the case.
“I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have-” he started, taking a hand to his mouth and rubbing his neck. Faye frowned, confused; he was sending her mixed signals. One moment he wanted to kiss her, the next he pulled away, clearly excited, but seeming ashamed.
This vampire would be the end of her; she noted mentally, before opening her mouth, “Eliott, I was the one who started… And I’m not sorry.”
The demoness frowned, watching the male awkwardly look towards the ceiling, before he took a step back, half-turning away from her, “we shouldn’t, Faye…” he started to leave, but Faye didn’t let him. Grabbing his hand, before placing herself in his way.
She reached up to gently touch his cheek, eyes clearly examining his face for hints about his sudden change in opinion, “why not..?” She hesitated, “I want to… you clearly do, too…” Honey eyes looked down for a second, before catching his again.
The vampire gently took her hand, frowning as he started to reply her, “Faye, I don’t think-”
“Please, Eliott…” her voice was soft, almost begging as she interrupted him; as she pulled him down by his collar, letting their foreheads touch, “just… stop holding back… For one moment, don’t hold back…” With closed eyes, she gently caressed his nose with her own, “give into me… like I want to give into you…” she whispered, before claiming his lips for her own.


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