The Dead Zone

Vampires came out several years ago, and began to set up small communities within large cities across the globe. Soon, werewolves joined them and so did demons.

In the panic, these communities were walled off from the rest of the world and became 'The Dead Zones'. No human life inside, due to the supposed 'high-risk of infection'.

Only certain humans are allowed to work there and even then, your job might not keep you safe.

Freda Ackerstone is an average student, with a slightly above average in biology and history, the only extraordinary things about her are her height, the scars and her quietness.

When the 'Blood Lot' is drawn for each school across the city, Freda's is one of the names pulled out. It's a life changing opportunity, one that most would die for.

It means that from now on, Freda is part of 'The Dead Zone' in her city and there, the rules don't apply.

(Cover made by the amazing and talented: clarity_)

The author has rated this movella as yellow, meaning it is inappropriate for users under the age of 13.
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