When will it come?

In here i will talk about the past and the present maybe about the evil that i have done and the price of that.. if you want or like to hear about these things please.. sit down and read what i have to say.


1. The beginning

 I felt like some big changes were drawing near.. i was right about 1 of them but didn't know when or what would happen only that something bad was going to happen to 1 of my dearest of friends.. he died 5/6 months ago..

And my story.. the one i am going to tell you about it all started a few months ago.. i was in a vacation with my family haunted by something that followed me and by what was resting in the house i wanted to do a contract with the entities that were with me.. i wrote about the being i wanted to become, it's powers, weaknesses.. everything and wished to die of a heart attack took me days to have a name.


 I wanted them to have a dark name i asked a friend.. "Death knights" or "revenants"?

 She said that there existed creatures with that name and so i thought about their teeth.. sharper than a blade and just as pointy then i had it.. "Raisers" she said it wasn't a bad name and thus it was the name i chose.

Since i was the first i was a little bit more powerful than the ones that were turned plus with only 1 weakness


 I took a day or two to gain enough courage to do it.. to make a contract with the entity i said "i want you to turn me into the being i wrote on this notebook.. give me a handshake if you agree with this" and then something touched my hand and i felt energy.. from something entering into my hand and going through my arm and then flowing throughout my whole body and since that day weirdness after weirdness happened.. to my body and the world around me.. i felt like my body didn't stop changing i felt faster and tougher every week.. then month until it stopped something always told me that i was missing something but.. i didn't know what

 Then i started zooning out (or blacking out.. your choice) and then i saw cuts in my arms.. bleeding wounds and i.. loved it.

 My Iris was darker and my skin has gotten a little paler and my whole body colder.. it was as if death itself was near me i felt like a corpse a walking one at that.


 I wondered and poundered about what was missing then i searched it up after a few weeks of looking and then "aaah! i forgot to sign it with my blood" it was.. 1 or 2 weeks ago not sure

 I did it.. i cut my arm and used a soft part of a pencil as a quil to use the blood from my wound to write my full name on the book and a special part of the deal that i needed to put after i said that it and wrote it i felt a terrible chill in my heart.. it felt like someone put ice cubes inside my heart.


 A day later i felt weirder.. faster but this time i felt pains while using strength (my tendons hurt) my muscles felt weird i had a small fatigue for no reason.. my mind worsened.. faster and faster as well and i had.. anxiety it kept worsening and worsening.. muscle tighness happeared too.. and pains.. specially in my heart and also my hunger has been disappearing and i've been having nauseas every day.


 But now.. today.. 15 of April i can feel the energies of the world like never before.. i also started having a much easier time sensing entities and manipulating energy so i have to ask you.. never try to do a contract without being absolutely sure that it's what you really want.. yes.. my body has become weaker every day now and it tires easily but.. my ability to sense and manipulate energy (and drain it from the world that surrounds me) has been increasing much and i can turn my energy into strength easily too which is good in a way (the spirit can be even stronger than the body)


 Today.. i drank one glass of milk with chocolate and a small cake.. i am not hungry.. just nauseous and calm
The lesson in my story is for you to learn all you can but to be carefull.. "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger".. somethings take time to kill so.. take care.


 And To write a Movella is one of the things i wanted to do before i go.. i have the sintoms of a Heart attack drawing near so this.. is one of the things what i wanted to do before i go but i wonder.. when will it come?

the end that is.. hehehehee


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