just a collection of things


1. Adagio


Scintillating reverberations of string instruments percolate through ears and hearts when the lonely duo of sad musicians strike up a note of circumspection on cracked, dying violins that rage against the dying of the light. 

A large moon peers from behind milky clouds to shine down a lonely, cold glow of aloof glory and pride, picking out the two men like sentinels of love and dulcet emotions that swirl like a roiling yet bitter wave of ice cold emotion that cools the hateful heat within the veins that circumnavigate their bodies that are cadaverous and lank. 

A girl strains her ear and twirls singly to a lonely sharp note, bitter like the lemons that hang pendulously in orchards that reek of bitter fruit and sharp sunshine and dense soil. Her smile is farcical as she dances unseen in a landscape that is a boiled, gutted moonscape of dying trees and thorns that pierce the skin and draw thick crimson rivulets from beneath her dark skin.

The musicians cannot hear the clamour of voices nine fathoms deep. They float on a figurative boat which may be rowed by that great, bearded brute known by all as the one who takes care of the route between one hellish destination to the next. Charon. One lick of his whip sends the hordes of humanity to death and punishment but the lonely duo do not feel the rough touch of his wrath as their song saves them.

The sweet melody of music is juxtaposed with the moaning cries of a people crushed under soil and boiled in pits of fire. The two musicians are burning but their coldness is too chilly and they are saved. Everything for them is gold, they have the singular curse of Midas but they cannot see their steady demise hunting them down. 


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