Brother's Conflict

"Just because you're my sister now, doesn't mean you'll always be," Yoongi whispers in my ear, making me almost step on his song lyrics.

Alexis's Mom married a Korean man in Seoul. Who is the father, who has 7 guys he adopted when they were young? I found out they're a popular K-pop boy band known as BTS. I haven't heard of them until the marriage, but I'll learn about them soon.


2. Morning

April 16, 2017

   Today's the day my mom and step-dad Lee Dong-wook will be leaving for their honeymoon, yet I'm not ready for them to go. But at the same time, I am.

   They may be my stepbrothers but they're still guys which I'm still not used to. I don't know how I'm gonna handle a month with 7 attractive guys who still feel like strangers to me. I don't know how any girl can do that.


   I suddenly hear a knock on my closed door, full of K-pop posters. " Come in," I answer. In walks in Jimin half naked, showing his amazing body and having that adorable smile he always seems to have,while wearing what seems to be Calvin Klein underwear." OH, My G-d. Put some close on, please," I yell. "What's wrong?" he asks me stepping closer. "Your.. your shirt c...can yo... you cover up a bit," I studder and blushing extremely. "Oh, sorry Alex. I'm just used to walking around like this," he smiles again. "We were wondering if you want to go to our concert tomorrow," says Jimin slowly walking into my room."Uh, y-yeah sure. I'll go." I reply. " Wow, this room is nice Alex," Jimin says, walking while observing my medium size room, which I'm still not used to yet. He keeps showing that adorable smile he seems to always have. Did he forget that fast that he's half naked, just looking in my room like it's an ordinary day? " Jimin," I try to say calmly while covering my eyes, but still taking a peek at his delicious body. I know he's my stepbrother, but I'm sure every girl has thought of her stepbrother this attractive at least once.


    In walks in Jungkook, also half naked, wearing gray underpants smiling cutely. "Good morning, little sister," laughs Jungook. He must be happy since he's not the youngest anymore. "Do you guys always walk around like this," I yell softly. Yoongi walks in with a towel covering his lower body and his hair still wet. " We're not used to girls in the house yet," he chuckles. I blush seeing his cute smile, he walks my way, where I'm sitting up on my bed, now with my laptop on my lap. Yoongi keeps walking towards me. "The closer I look at you...I can't help think that your blushing face is just so cute, little sis and I love anything that's cute" Yoongi says staring at me.

   "Yoongi!" yells Jin from outside the room, leaning on the door. Yoongi looks at Jin, then looks back at me. He walks out my room and everyone follows, Jungkook closing the door behind him.

   That was too much for me. This is a crazy morning. For a second, I thought he was gonna kiss me, but he wouldn't do that right, I'm his sister now.

   I'm on my way to the kitchen, then I start to hear the boys say my name. I start to eavesdrop since I was curious about what they're talking about.

"What is wrong with all of you," Jin says whispering loudly. " I don't think any of you understand that she's our sister now, you can't just look at her like she's any other woman we come in contact with. She's also a minor," says Jin. " She's 19 and we're not even blood-related," says Jimin." That doesn't matter she's our..." Jin stops his sentence midway.

   "What are you doing here little sis," Yoongi says cornering me between the walls near the kitchen, now wearing a black t-shirt and still wearing a towel.

   Yoongi stares at me intensely. Feeling like his eyes are looking through me."Is it hot in here or is it just me," I say trying to distract myself from looking at his face and the embarrassment of getting caught eavesdropping? I start noticing everyone staring at me. "Did you happen to hear all that," Taehyung says looking at me.


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