Brother's Conflict

"Just because you're my sister now, doesn't mean you'll always be," Yoongi whispers in my ear, making me almost step on his song lyrics.

Alexis's Mom married a Korean man in Seoul. Who is the father, who has 7 guys he adopted when they were young? I found out they're a popular K-pop boy band known as BTS. I haven't heard of them until the marriage, but I'll learn about them soon.


4. Meeting Part 2


   "Okay, okay. That's enough you guys," I say laughing and yelling for them to stop. "We sure had some good bonding didn't we," Tae-hyung says. "Having a little sister isn't so bad," Jungkook says patting me on the head. "Aren't we suppose to be in a family meeting," Yoongi says cooly scratching his dark brown hair. "Oh, yeah," Ho-seok says standing up trying to do the moonwalk.

   "Nam-joon, dramatic music please," Jin says queing Nam-joon. My eyes watch Nam-joon taking his phone out, then dramatic music starts to play. ''You guys," I say laughing.

   "The first time we met...was yesterday at the wedding...but, today...we make rules," Nam-joon and Jin says, then does the 'fighting' gesture. We all burst out laughter. Ho-seok hitting the floor with his feet. Jimin, swinging back and forth on the chair. Tae-hyungYoongi, and Jungook looking at them like they were crazy.


  Rule #1: "No walking around the house naked or with nothing at all, Jungkook," Jin says looking at Jungkook, who's making a sad puppy face.

  Rule #2: "Jimin, no more random sexy dances you always do. Only if Alex agrees with it," says Nam-joon. Jimin gets up to do a sexy pelvic dance next to Yoongi. Yonggi hits him on the leg, angrily.

   Rule #3: "Knock before going inside the bathroom," Jin says.



Comment from Bunniii(Author): This was short and may not be so good, but hopefully it will get better for the next chapter. Thanks for all the readers.


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