Brother's Conflict

"Just because you're my sister now, doesn't mean you'll always be," Yoongi whispers in my ear, making me almost step on his song lyrics.

Alexis's Mom married a Korean man in Seoul. Who is the father, who has 7 guys he adopted when they were young? I found out they're a popular K-pop boy band known as BTS. I haven't heard of them until the marriage, but I'll learn about them soon.


3. Meeting Part 1

Same Day- 10:39am

   Jin and Nam-joon call us to the living room for a meeting. Yoongi and Jungkook near each other sitting, Jimin on the rocking chair nearby, and Ho-seok and Tae-hyung leaning against the wall. I'm sitting near Jin and Nam-joon who are on the couch. They seem the safest to be next to right now. Because after what happened about two hours ago, I don't think I'll be able to live again.

   "Jin, please explain to everyone why we're here today," says Nam-joon with his arms crossed wearing glasses showing his dimples when talking."Nam-joon, I think everyone knows the reason," Jin says looking at everyone for a few seconds with a straight face then starts to laugh. "It's hard to keep a straight face, even though I'm trying to be serious," Jin trying not to laugh. Making everyone else and I start laughing a bit.

   "Hyung, we know we did wrong. I think...," Tae-hyung interrupts Jungkook. "Can we talk about this later, we have a busy schedule and I wanna go to sleep," I look over at Yoongi and see him already asleep. 

   "This won't take long," Nam-joon says looking at the cute sleepy Yoongi next to Jungkook. Jimin gets up from his chair, tip-toeing towards Yoongi. "Wrong move Jimin," says Jungkook, but Jimin repeatedly taps on Yoongi. "Get the fuck away," Yoongi says almost punching Jimin in the crouch.That was close I thought. K-pop stars already don't have enough sleep. He should just let him rest.

   Everyone starts laughing including the two oppas (older brothers). By this time Yoongi's wide awake, looking at me, then smirks. I smile back, looking at everyone still laughing. They must always be like this.

   I don't know much about them since I've only known them for two days, but I can tell they're true brothers who love each other. I notice the quietness in the room. I see them looking at me, then they have a smile on their face.

   "I hate you guys," Jimin says smiling. They all jump on Jimin and they continue to laugh again tickling Jimin. "Stop...stop,"Jimin says laughing while they tickle him."You guys are so adorable," I accidently blurt out. Jungkook, Nam-joon, Ho-seok, Jin, Tae-hyung and Yoongi get off Jimin and run their way over to me tickling me.


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