Brother's Conflict

"Just because you're my sister now, doesn't mean you'll always be," Yoongi whispers in my ear, making me almost step on his song lyrics.

Alexis's Mom married a Korean man in Seoul. Who is the father, who has 7 guys he adopted when they were young? I found out they're a popular K-pop boy band known as BTS. I haven't heard of them until the marriage, but I'll learn about them soon.


1. Congrats

April 15, 2017

    Today's the day my mother gets married and the day I get to finally meet my new family. I couldn't meet the soon to be step-brothers before since they were in America. I hope there nice because I don't want to cause any unnecessary problems. After moving here in Seoul, I wasn't able to meet anyone, so I hope I do, just like Mom.

   "Congratulations, Mom and Mr. Lee," I say getting off my seat, then walking towards them to give them a tight hug. I kissed my Mom on the cheek, then I suddenly see a bunch of hot guys walking toward us smiling. Seven of them to be exact, yes. I had to count them. "Are you guys..." I start to say but get cut off by the crowd of boys hugging Mr. Lee and Mom.

 " You must be our sister, we've heard so much about," says the guy with the clear cute dimples. "Uh, yeah I am. You all must be Mr. Lee's sons. I've heard so much about you'll but don't know who is who. You must be, Namjoon," I say attempting to shake Namjoon's hand. " Smart girl," Namjoon chuckles. " It was obvious, because of the sharp dimples," I chuckle.

   "Hyung, don't hog our Dong-Sang (little sister). My name is Kim Tae-hyung." he says smiling cutely than hugging me. " Isn't your last name supposed to be Lee and not Kim," I ask him. "When dad adopted us, he let us keep our whole name," another boy says. 

   "Annyeonghaseyo(Hello), my name is Min Yoongi. Nice to meet you, little sis," he says with a husky voice. He gives me a back hug. While hugging me, I think he blew on my neck. I could be imagining it. I looked at him for a few moments, when I noticed he looked back at me another one of the boys jumped in the conversation.

   "Let's hurry up the introductions, everyone. We don't have all day. My name is Jung Ho-seok. The guys who ran off with the married couple are Jungkook, Jimin, and Jin.," says Ho-seok hugging me tightly, then kissing me on the cheek. Being surprised, I jumped a bit, while blushing. "Did anyone tell you we're a K-pop boy band named BTS unless you're an A.R.M.Y already," Ho-seok says to be dancing. "I never heard of BTS," I say to him informally. "What, you haven't," Ho-seok says dramatically. "No, wonder you didn't seem all that happy when you saw us," says Namjoon. I look over and see Yoongi walking towards the other three guys. I stare for a while, then catch myself.


   "Alexis, I have good news. Lee Dong-wook and I will be gone for a month starting tomorrow morning, so that gives you and the boys to get to know each other more," Mom says standing at my front door with a wide smile on her face. Honeymoon, I see. I mumble to myself. "That's great Mom. I hope you two have fun," I say, then Mom walks away humming a Got7 song 'Hard Carry'. She must've got that song stuck in her head like I had a few days ago.

   I take out my red diary with a rose on the cover and start writing in it with my lucky red pen. "Today, Mom got married to Lee Dong-wook and she's having her honeymoon tomorrow. I'm going to be spending lots of time with my seven, older brothers. Who are suppose to be a K-pop boy band, BTS? I'm still hoping to fall in love."

   I close my diary and hide it under the rug, that's under my bed. I look at the stars from outside, while I lay in bed looking forward to a new day.


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