The Fire in her Eyes. (An Ember Fantasy)

A princess Evera of the Ember (Fire) realm. Destiny waiting. Future Husband, Thrown, Crown, Her Life...all perfectly placed out for her.
All except the princess seeks thrill and danger. Passion and excitment.
With friend and vampire by her side Jamsion. The adventures and danger never seem to end. All while balancing the life of Royality and plus to pile onto everything the handsome son of satan is trying to steal her heart for his own.


1. The Order.

I raced down the narrow hall. Hands on my over lowed powder white skirt, my blonde hair in short springy curls. (Unusual for me) "Im going to be late, not again!" "Mothers gonna kill me" I turned the corner as fast as possible. Almost loosing my silver heal. I burst through the Order doors. Everyone stopped their chattering and silently turned in my direction. "Um, sorry again guys" "Sorry i am late" I slowly walk up the low steps and onto the platform next to my mother and Louis Emberin. My future husband to be... He smiles at me slightly and I roll my red eyes under my think eyelashes.

This was gonna be a long morning...


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