we met online // Devon Bostick love story

Devon and Aria have been internet friends for 2 years, they have skyped each other and have there numbers. What happens when Aria's parents fly Devon over at her birthday

(Arias from scotland)


4. two years on

Aria's POV


It was 7.30PM and I was sitting in my bedroom watching tv then my computer started ringing signalling i had a Skype coming through so I look at it and see who it is, after i see who it is i instantly smile and walk over to it

"Hey Devon!" I say happily

"Hey Aria" he says happily too

"hows it going" i say 

"yeah good, so its your birthday coming up what do you want I'm gonna send it to your house" he says

"awe Devon you don't need to buy me anything" i exclaim 

"fine i will surprise you" Devon said

"well if you insist you can surprise me" I said 

"okay then, anyway I've got to go but ill call you later" Devon said

"Okay bye"


Devons POV


"Okay bye" Aria said then the screen went blank

Then i went onto look at flight prices because I spoke to her parents and we decided i was going to fly over to Scotland and meet aria for the first time


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