we met online // Devon Bostick love story

Devon and Aria have been internet friends for 2 years, they have skyped each other and have there numbers. What happens when Aria's parents fly Devon over at her birthday

(Arias from scotland)


1. the tweet

Aria's POV


Me and my friend Alexis were having a sleepover and to say the least we were bored because we were just sitting watching movies until my phone went off signalling i had a twitter notification



@DevBostick - Me and the guys who are gonna be staring in the 100 with me are gonna go on omegle and meet some of you guys just type in "The 100"


I dropped my phone after i read that, then i screamed and grabbed my laptop 

"what are you doing and why did you scream" she said sounding very Scottish as she said it

"Devon and the guys from the 100 are going on omegle!!" I practically screamed

"oh my gosh, hurry we might meet them!"she said 

"going as fast as i can Alexis" i said really quickly

Two minutes later it had loaded and we were on the hunt for the 100 cast




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