we met online // Devon Bostick love story

Devon and Aria have been internet friends for 2 years, they have skyped each other and have there numbers. What happens when Aria's parents fly Devon over at her birthday

(Arias from scotland)


5. meeting Devon


Aria's POV


two days till Arias birthday


"Aria" I heard my mum say shaking me

"yeah" i mumbled 

"we are going somewhere" she replied

i got up and walked to the car in a pair of leggings and a Alton towers jumper

"where could we be going at 2am" i said

"you will find out soon" she said 

"okay" i replied then fell asleep 

Devons POV

Im currently on a plane to scotland going to meet Aria to say the least I'm nervous. theres about 20 minutes till the plane lands then i will be in Scotland.

"We are currently 20 minutes away from Glasgow City Airport please fasten your seat belt and we start landing" hear we go i think to myself


Arias POV


"Aria hun we are hear" my mum says as i open my eyes i see Glasgow airport 

"mum why are we at Glasgow airport?" i say 

"you will find out soon" she says as we go through the doors and head straight to arrivals

I look at the board to see what flights are arriving then just sit looking around the airport after a few moments my mum looks at her phone and says 

"stand up and turn round" so I do as she says 

after 5 minutes she tells me to turn round so i turn round and i burst in to happy tears and start running 

"Devon!" i scream while running 


Devons POV


"Devon!" she shouts while running up to me. I'm smiling like mad right now as she gets closer to me i realise how beautiful she is in person. wait no she's my friend i don't like her in that way


Arias POV


As i start getting closer to him, he opens his arms and as i reach him i open my arms and he instantly picks me up because of size difference 

"oh my god i cant believe this is happening" i say while hugging him

"I cant either" he replies softly

"come on you two we need to start heading back" my mother calls

me and devon break away from the hug and look at each other smiling then i realise how cute he is, wait no he's my friend.

As we are walking back to the car i feel an arm around my shoulder so i look up and smile at devon

"i didn't realise scotland was this cold in summer" he says, i just laugh and say

"you've never experienced a winter" 

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