we met online // Devon Bostick love story

Devon and Aria have been internet friends for 2 years, they have skyped each other and have there numbers. What happens when Aria's parents fly Devon over at her birthday

(Arias from scotland)


3. conversations

Arias POV


"anyway, hello how are you guys" Devon says

"Amazing" me and Alexis say at the exact same time 

"what are your names" Christopher says

"Im Aria" I say happily

"Im Alexis" Alexis replies 

"if you don't mind me asking where are you guys from?"Bob says 

"Im from Edinburgh and she's from Newcastle but she moved to Edinburgh" I say

"Oh right, anyway we need to move on but what are your twitters I'm gonna follow you guys" Devon says 

"mines is @AlexisNoelx" Alexis says 

"Mines is @AriaMarieStrife"

"thanks guys and bye!" they all said 

"bye!" me and Alexis said then the screen went black, i fell backwards and said

"i cant believe we just met them" 

then mines and Alexis' phones went off and they both said 



@DevBostick followed you!

@BobMorley followed you!

@ChristopherLarkin followed you!

after I saw that I smiled so much 


Then i got another notification but alexia didn't 


@DevBostick~ It was so nice speaking to you and your friend tonight!

I looked at Alexis and she went 


"Devon just DM'd me!" I Shouted 

"Saying what?" she said 

so i handed her my phone then she handed me it back and i replied

@AriaMarieStrife~ it was amazing speaking to you guys too!

he instantly replied 

@DevBostick~Hey we should keep speaking 

I replied so quickly 

@AriaMarieStrife~yeah sure

and Alexis was sitting over my shoulder looking at me texting him 

then she squealed 





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