we met online // Devon Bostick love story

Devon and Aria have been internet friends for 2 years, they have skyped each other and have there numbers. What happens when Aria's parents fly Devon over at her birthday

(Arias from scotland)


7. car journey


Aria's POV


When we all reached the car me and my mum helped Devon put his case in the boot of the car then we all got into the car and headed back into Edinburgh. I was sitting in the middle seat currently trying not to fall asleep since i want to sleep at 12am and got woken at 2am to go to the airport. Devon realised how tired I was and put his arm around me and I rested my head on his shoulder and fell asleep.


Devon's POV


I looked down at Aria to see she had fallen asleep. she looked adorable, oh god i think i like her 

"Has she fallen asleep?" Mrs Mortan asked me 

"Yes she has" I replied softly so i wouldn't wake her up

"wonder what crazy hour she went to bed at again" she replied

As she said that we pulled up to the house

"Aria, we are hear" I said softly




Highly aware that this is short but its 3am when I'm writing this, but hey I'm sitting eating food lol

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