once upon a time

Soccer is the main sport at Forest End high school.
Calum hood is the star athlete meanwhile he doesn't know he has a half brother named Justin, Justin is year younger in freshman year what will calum do when he uncovers the truth , if he finds out.


1. 1

Calum pov


"mum what going on" i say walking into my mum room to see her crying

"nothing" she says faking a smile

"then why you crying" 

end of flashback||

that memory still haunts me has since it happened that was the day my dad left me and my mum haven't seen him since.

at school\\\

"yo look who it is, the almighty calum hood" my friend Micheal hollered

"shut up and lets go to lunch"

we sit at the table while the team and a couple of cheerleaders join but i don't see my cheerleader

"wheres Vanessa" i ask my best mate Luke

"your shorty i don't know" he replies

'here i am don't get your panties in a twist' she smiles sitting next to me i put my arm around her as she rests her head on my shoulder

"aren't you guys cute' Micheal smiles

"jealous" Vanessa teases 

i look over my shoulder to see zach talking to some freshman i wonder what about he never talks to freshman

zach comes over at sit at the other side of the table but not before glancing at me hes hiding something and i wanna know what.

after school practice

"Zach" i call over

"yeah, what up" he says

"why were you talking to one of those pot head freshman, you're not getting in to any bad habits' i joke 

"nah justins cool he dating Mallory"

"as in your twin sister Mallory but shes a year older"  i question

"and i'm not judging why are you?

"i see that kid eyeing me in the halls, there is something weird about him, maybe that is what you sister is into"

"shut the hell up and lets practice we got a game soon'







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