Project Home

Despite of the terrifying nightmare, Max managed to wake up from a coma. He had forgotten everything, his family, friends and the one he loves. There's only one thing that Max remembers, his name.

As prior to the alpha project of Halycon Inc., Dr. Adeline Rossman has been sent to Titan in order to take part of the universal institute project of NASA together with Halycon Inc. to aid people who suffered from mental diseases. Her knowledge would be up to the test as she becomes a doctor-scientist of Project Home.


3. Track

I'm alive.

The ceiling's color is white. Looking around as I blink my eyes to focus, the green curtain blocks the vision to an entire room. An apparatus seems to sound normally. A hospital, I thought.

I wanted to moan for help but it seems that nobody would hear me because of the tube on my mouth, moving my hands and make a sound could only been another way, but my hands are still stiff and attached to this not-so-comfy hospital bed.

Thinking of a way, I decided to wait for someone to come patiently. Rolling my eyes is the only way that I can do watching the dextrose dropping from the tube.

But I got this sudden idea, I controlled my breathing and I breath as fast as possible, since the ECG Monitor, that hospital apparatus, is checking the heartbeat. I might able to set off a sound to alarm people to come here.

I kept doing that and I was looking the monitor, from 92bpm, I set it off to 157bpm and the beeps got faster and faster.

The green curtain slides and a striking light shines to me, a silhouette of a woman appears and I focused my eyes, she was looking at me with a shocked face. I elevated my eyes saying, "Help me." and for an unknown reason, I just said three words, I really don't know why, but she ran on the left, maybe to call for help.

A few seconds after, a doctor and the nurse earlier is now on my side checking every part of my body and to check the ECG Monitor. The doctor then asked, "What is your name, kid?"

Thinking about it, Do I have a name? Then, what is it? But no information was sent back to me. My brain was an orchestra of asymptotic information flowing to every neurons yet there wasn't any response given.


I'm few minutes awake and my mind is still in a state of freeze, there are no processed information that needs to be delivered, I need to say something, but what?

"Max Dremorre." I said involuntarily, without any hesitations, I said that. Those were the first few words I have said and it was instinctive. "My name is Max Dremorre.", I said in my mind.

"I see, Max. So, do you know anything that happened that caused you to be... well, in a coma?" the doctor asked, I shrugged. He kept asking many questions but it was remained unanswered. I don't wanna think about it, I'll maybe remember it piece by piece.

But I don't wanna trust my instincts, I maybe have a traumatic past that I shouldn't explore with, in any case, I just wanna remain calm and try to remember everything.

But who am I? As named Max Dremorre? Who are my parents? Do I have an impact to the social world? These questions kept running into my mind but not a single answer nor idea was answered to these questions.

The doctor then walks out of the room, "I'll inform the family that he's awake..." His voice fades until I heard the door slammed. The nurse kept checking on my vital signs and was injecting something on my dextrose. I just kept my mouth shut and looked at the ceiling unconsciously awake.

Questions... Questions... Yet there are no answers in my head, I just wanna know what happened to me, why am I here, why am I stuck in this place for few days or so. Maybe months have passed. I just wanna feel the world outside again, enlightened on what has happened to me.

While I was thinking a lot of things, I heard the loud creaking of the door, with people whining over something and there were five people now in front of me. Three guys and two women, all wearing hospital gowns.

The tall man, which is probably dressed in a business attire due to his hospital robe looked like it was been worn hastily, is just looking at me and he was giving me a worried look. The boy beside him looks flamboyant yet cool-looking. Well, the boy beside him looks... Introvert. I can easily describe him because his hands trembles and has glasses and wears a black shirt, he looks weirdo to be honest.

The woman on my left is giving me also a worried look, she has an earpiece with a design of a dolphin on it and has a scarlet hair. The girl now beside the woman looks, stunningly beautiful. I can't even describe her, she looks, seemingly perfect.

"So was he... Uhm, doc?" The man beside me asked, the five looked at one another and when the doctor spoke, he said that I can now fully recover from the accident that happened.

What accident? I thought to myself. Every questions are reminiscing in my mind, Who am I as Max? Who are my parents? I demand for answers! Yet nothing comes up...

"Max, do you... remember us?" The man asked, I was puzzled by the question, of course I can't! I can't even remember anything, how could I even remember these people?!

"No." I strongly said, "I'm not familiar with all of your faces." They looked at one another, suggesting that they should introduce themselves one another.

I was moved into this new room two weeks ago after they saw me awake from coma. Watching TV is my new thing and breathing fresh air rather than air-conditioned is probably a good thing in this room, since this was at the highest floor of the hospital. I always request to the nurse to open the windows.

After a while of thinking a lot of things, I didn't saw that it was almost noon and the nurse is checking around to me, doing her rounds. It's that time of the day where boredom strikes again right now and I always look helplessly through the dripping content of the dextrose. 

"Hey, Max." someone said, I looked across the door and saw a boy. "Do you still know me?" 

"Uh, no. Please introduce yourself to me." I said dumbly, he scratches his head and looked pissed but he kept himself calm. He closed the door and sat beside me. He was that boy back at the ICU, that cool-looking boy. "Well, Hi, Max. I'm your friend, Stanley." he chuckled to me a bit.

"No, that isn't your real name." I told to him and he giggled, "What a nuisance, you look like that my condition is a joke whoever-the-heck-you-are." His face changes when he said that. He turned to a serious face.

"Cloud." He said with a sad face. "Sorry Max."

"Hey, I can't remember anything, introduce yourself, properly-"

"or you'll get Cloud-y again. I miss your metaphors Max." He said with a beaming face but he looks sad inside. How did he knew what I was about to say?

"It was a joke." I sighed, "So, who are you? From the looks of your face, I'm your best friend." 

"Yeah, buddy." He brushed my hair gently, "You still got a lot of things to remember, though." He sighed after that. I pinched his cheeks hardly enough that he'll flinch.

"Damn! I hate you!" He said while touching his face. I chuckled a bit. "I'll just call Allison and the gang. You should get in touch with them." I looked at him like an owl.

"Oh yeah, sorry... Rise and Cyprus? Sure, call you later." Cloud ended the phone call. "So... have you remembered our friends?"

This jerk.

"No, you stupid. I felt like I met you a minute ago and were best friends already and asking me who were our friends." I knocked him in the head, "Can you still remember that I have a freaking amnesia?"

"No." He laughed, "I think in friendship, you don't know the definition of the word forgotten..."

"Who's ready to party, babies!"

A deep voice resounds into the quiet hospital room. I was sitting there for about an hour reading this book that I found on the desk entitled "Figures" and that guy shouted like he was above a mountain.

"Hello Max." the blonde girl said, not much of a talkative girl, "You seem fine I guess."

"Dude, that's Max, the scalawag cat of Altroson Academy! Of course he's fine!" the young man with the deep voice said.

"Hello, introduce yourselves." I said calmly.

"Oh yeah. Well, Hi Max. My name is-"

"Cyprus. The girl's name is Rise." Cloud said while he's lying at the couch. He's sleeping probably.

But seriously, how come I became best friends with Cloud? How do I became best friends with these two other persons? Probably sure Cloud was a clingy one which happens to be a cry baby and a flamboyant jerk.

But that Rise, yeah, she seem pretty dark and sarcastic but her gloomy fashion and face could hide the goodness in her personality. Maybe she burns everyone she saw in her mind but she gives cookies to the elderly. I don't know.

Cyprus is a jerk with despicable jokes. He looks easy to get on but he probably needs a nut job. I can't believe he's shouting on the terrace of my hospital room. He might scare off the people beside and below my room.

"Hey Cloud." Cyprus called, "School's about to start. What's your plan?" Cyprus sat on the edge of my bed and shakes his feet. Rise momentarily walks around the room and sat on the couch where Cloud lies.

"I don't know. Maybe I'll just wait for Max to get out of the hospital." Cloud said with his voice muffled with the pillow which sounded gibberish for me. He finally got up and once said, "Maybe you should head first for school. first day of being a college senior sucks even if it is the second semester."

So I was a college senior after all. These memory fragments are still incomplete. To be honest, I just wanted to get out. I wanna see what the world looks like again after that dreams I saw. It felt like my body was sucked and everything I knew was gone in a matter of time. It is so keen.

"Dude how about Alexis?" Cyprus added to Cloud. He looked at me like a hawk.

"You know that I can't remember anything." I muttered and I looked away.

"Alexis is your girlfriend." He said. I have a girlfriend?

"Yeah Max, you have a girlfriend." Cloud added like he have read my mind. He must have saw my reaction to that statement, "She went to see you first in the ICU with me. Damn that girl, she's literally crying over my shoulder after he saw you awake." Cloud looked pissed but he smirked at me sarcastically.

So that girl... She was... She was perfect. The first thing that I can remember to her was her sea blue eyes and she wore a gray bonnet at that time. Her beautiful gaze made me thought who was she but frankly enough, she was my girlfriend. I didn't saw her crying at that time but she was literally shocked when she saw me. Well, am I lucky enough to have her?

"School's gonna start in just about a few weeks and days. Can you manage?" Rise spoke. I was stunned when she said that to me. Do I have to go to  school, seriously? Well, first of all, I don't know if I still knew something about History, Math, Science, French or whatever the hell I'm taking in my college. I don't know if my IQ's or EQ's are still normal or they are affected to my state because it feels like all my knowledge and memories are mixed up.

"I'm getting paranoid for Max." Cloud spoke again. He was staring at me for a moment but he dodged his look and stared at the flower vase on the desk.

"Nah, stop thinking about that! You're getting the gang more worried too!" Cyprus smiled. He's being optimistic. Maybe they feel my tension and the questions in my mind that needs to be answered.

"Don't worry. You'll help me to track my memories." I said and gave them a smile that could forget what are they thinking.

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