Project Home

Despite of the terrifying nightmare, Max managed to wake up from a coma. He had forgotten everything, his family, friends and the one he loves. There's only one thing that Max remembers, his name.

As prior to the alpha project of Halycon Inc., Dr. Adeline Rossman has been sent to Titan in order to take part of the universal institute project of NASA together with Halycon Inc. to aid people who suffered from mental diseases. Her knowledge would be up to the test as she becomes a doctor-scientist of Project Home.


2. Prologue


Max is unconscious, for a long period of time. In the first stages of coma, the person would not respond to any physical pain, inability to speak and to do any voluntary actions. In the second stage, they open their eyes, as a sign of hope, but they do not do anything. They feel useless, just like they are falling or getting sucked in a deep black hole.

But Max reached this bottom of the hole, he felt that something was wrong. He opened his eyes, in the far distant gaze, he saw a light. He knew it was the end, "Take me." He said. But as the light gets closer, he realized that it was a headlight.

In the final stages of coma, the person's last human sense that is deactivated was the sense of hearing. Max heard the honk of the car, but it was no use, his body is stuck onto the ground, like it was intended that he would be ran-over by the car. But then, he heard something,

"Wake up, my baby."

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