Project Home

Despite of the terrifying nightmare, Max managed to wake up from a coma. He had forgotten everything, his family, friends and the one he loves. There's only one thing that Max remembers, his name.

As prior to the alpha project of Halycon Inc., Dr. Adeline Rossman has been sent to Titan in order to take part of the universal institute project of NASA together with Halycon Inc. to aid people who suffered from mental diseases. Her knowledge would be up to the test as she becomes a doctor-scientist of Project Home.


4. Heal

"No, it won't hurt. I promise." Dr. Icdotol said. The tools are spiraling down below and it was about to hit my skull.

"I won't die here right?" I asked.

"Of course you won't! You're in Titan! You're safe with us." Then it rings to my head the last word he have said.

You're safe with us.

"Dr. Rossman! Open the flashlight of the suit!" Hans called, gosh, this damn weather in Titan.

"I'm trying it but it is still booting up!" I mentioned. My legs began to wobble and if we can't open the vault, our suits will be filled with damn oil. "Hold still, I'm trying to pry open the vault."

"The communication center isn't responding an-"

"You're a great help Hans! The Comms will not answer our distress call because, They are in a Titan break. Okay?" I sighed, why does even the project manager had to assign me with Hans? Maybe I was on the wrong day of Titan right now.

The storm continued to rummage to the vast lands of Titan and for the moment, I realized that finding a small piece-like diamond in a sixteen thousand kilometer circumference of this planet with oceans of oil and the storm that rains oil and the atmosphere's oil, is really that hard.

Why did I even volunteer to do this at this time?

"Dr. Rossman? Can't we just use the other way around?" I looked at Hans, he's right. If the people inside now are not around the security room, we can use the Manual Overdrive on the other side.

We ran cautiously since the rain is getting heavier and slimier to our suits. It should be now down here somewhere...

"Dr. Ross, we have to make it to the manual overdrive now and-"

"Stop nagging Hans!" I yelled so much that I think swallowed oil, gross.

"Uh, the door's right here and I was about to say it." continuous beeps of sound alarmed and the red light flashes, it begins to open slowly but the rain continues pour down harder and harder. As we entered the Manual Overdrive Room, the decontamination began.

It's now safe. The crackling radio begins to operate, the Comms must've heard the alarm down the here, "Dr. Rossman, we received Hans' distress ca-"

"I don't want to talk about of this further more. I just wanted to be inside now to talk to my dad." I said in a low manner of voice. I hate to do this but I have to be calm in this situation.

I left my suit on the decontamination room filled with god damn oil. I wish that Titan should've rained more productive materials like that thing that we need to find. If only oxygen existed here, I would have burned this whole planet.

As I walk out of the room, Rustin blocked me from the door.

"Dr. Rossman? Can you pilot one of the machines later on?" I could see the face that he really pleads to me. I sighed.

"So that I could get dirty again? Geez, I'm going to talk to my dad, not today Rustin." I pat his head and I heard him squalled quietly.

The Research Institute of Mental Research and Capabilities' head of directories is on the 5th floor which was the third to the last floor of the place. My dad was one of the directors of this facility and he was strict, I wanted to be honest but Dad was an exceptional leader when he was still in his mid-30's. He was my teacher and he did fail me on the subject of Rocket Science he's teaching when I was still in training.

Being a member of the RIMRC, I find it hard to communicate with other people. We seldom talk about our Earth-life. Since I've been assigned on this planet about 4-Earth years ago, when I came, the Institute have been celebrating its second year in Titan which means the project was almost 58-Earth Years old now. It felt like the place was a millennium old now because some of the structures are really fading yet people kept rebuilding and reconstructing the whole place.

Living with dust and oil is pretty not amazing. I expected that when I came to this place, they would assign me as a doctor for the research of human brain. It has been a great genocide for funding the whole project but who cares? People can live on Mars now, there's nothing to be worried about money because the funds from Earth are now different from the funds they gather on Mars. Let's just say that Mars now, is on the period of New Age of Techno-Renaissance.

As I reached the fifth floor, I walked around the rooms just to find my dad's room. At first, I hesitated to open the door but then a force pulls me to open it. He was just there, when I saw him.

"Dad." I called. My mouth involuntarily talked, he looked at me and closed the book he was reading. Oh no, I think he was about to give me a speech I shouldn't intake right now. I realized that I still have my body filled with suit. What a stupid head.

"I know, you're in trouble of finding the Metanusphite again." He just said, I sighed in relief, I thought he'll say something really long that my body would freeze just there. I sat down to the sofa and he just stands there eyeing over to the vast lands of Titan with the oil-rain stopped. The sun shone again with Saturn on the right side. "NASA would send over 50 men here in Titan to build another dome facility. The facility would work as another Comms Center for Earth and Mars and to build another portal but a connection to Mars only."

I nodded, what else I could say? That was a good news for us.

He walked to his desk and opened a drawer, "And here, maybe this is the time I should give you this envelope." He gave it to me before I could react. Obviously the envelope has the words Classified but I don't think everything was classified here anymore.

When I opened the envelope, different papers are placed but a flyer took my attention.


Project HOME

Hypokinetic Observance on Mental Endangerment

Project HOME or the Hypokinetic Observance on Mental Endangerment is the project of the Halycon Inc. that was made for Project IPMM or the Intellectual Properties of Mental and Matter.

Project IPMM aims to discover more the human brain activity in terms of physical and psychological aspect. In accordance of this project, Project HOME is designed to alleviate the mental suffering of an individual with natural defects on the brain or have gotten into a disaster, calamity or accident. This research project aims to determine the possible cure for brain diseases and could possibly cure some of the mental health diseases.

Those people who suffered from brain diseases will be confined for experimentation. In order to achieve this, the citizen must voluntarily come at the Research Institute of Mental Research and Capabilities or the RIMRC with the help of NASA's space coordinators. The research project is currently under construction in the satellite of Saturn, Titan. With the help of advanced technology, the institution can be easily reached through the Portal system. The researchers and scientists of RIMRC have stayed on the planet for about 2 Titan years which is now about 58 Earth-years and with the help of the Advanced Atmospheric Homeostasis System, environment and structure of the planet, Project HOME is not alive.

We hope that people would cooperate to this certain project for the benefit of mankind who still resides Earth.


Project HOME? That means...

"Dad? Is this my gift for becoming a pathfinder?" I smirked at him and he just looked at me. Thank you! All this time that I have, he assigned me already!

"The board of director actually assigned you to that project ever since you first stepped your foot in Titan. I disagreed at first because I know what does all scientists and doctors do all day in that project so I've decided to hid all of your actual files for becoming a doctor here hence, I assigned you first to the lower quarters to experience the environment of Titan." He blinked at me as if he was not going to say anything anymore.

"All this time, dad? How could you!" I was about to walk out of the office but as soon as I stand and leave, he faked a cough.

"So you haven't actually read all files in that envelope?" he opened the door for me, "I think we should go to your actual room here in the institute."

So I thought the best apartment suites can only be find on Earth. The institute was a whole lot bigger when you reach the right wing of the whole facility. The dome like architectural structure was fascinating to see and has a touch of fashion and glamour but still, its techno design are still in wired with the colors, just plain white with mixes of black and blue. NASA... I thought.

"Look, Dad, I'm sorry that I've been yelling at you for the past few years or months. I just can't handle it..." I twirled my fingers; I am really sorry about my dad because I'd always go ahead and talked to him every day about my experiences outside. The day that I fell from a cliff, the day that a storm of oil happened with my co-pathfinders and we were stuck into a cave, the day that I happened to find a Metanusphite, those days come back in my head because my dad was there all the time, saving me and praising me for what I did.

"You'll eventually forget your day as a pathfinder when you work now as one of the doctor-scientist of Project HOME." He just said. Maybe he was thinking the same thing when I said sorry to him. "You won't be alone in your room by the way, you'd be sharing the same room with another person. He's going to be a newbie in the environment but the director assigned him with you in this project because of your skills."

"So, who was it?" I asked.

"Rustin De La Vaine." When I heard that name, I was shocked. Rustin was one of my colleagues when I was still studying back on Earth. He dreamed to be become a scientist on Mars but he studied medicine to become a psychologist (more like a psychopath). He's really cool to collaborate with because he's an actual genius, yet stupid. I remembered earlier that I disagreed with the task he's supposed to pass on me. I wish he wasn't going nuts on me anymore.

"Sure, he was my friend and colleague." I said briefly.

We walked eternally to the facility and then we reached our destination. A new home.

"I'm going to leave you now right here. Here's the keycard. I'll call you in the next nine hours. We'll have a meeting today about that NASA matter. Just read that envelope and I'm sure you'll be fine." He kissed me in the forehead and eventually walk to the elevator, he waved goodbye to me and I smiled back.

As I opened the door, I saw what I needed to see, a wider space to live in. I see Rustin, sleeping on the right side of the bed bunk. As I approached the left side, I saw my things perfectly neat in the cabinets and drawers. There's a TV and neat bathroom. Everything's perfect.

I approached the beds and then I saw a letter, it was from Rustin, it was a printed part of the two emails he had sent, an old one and a new one:


To: Adeline Rossman

From: thegeniussummer@em.ail

Subject: To Titan

Date: May 31, 2075

Dear Rossman,

I'm writing to you to express my gratitude towards our success in NASA's Space Exploration Training and Astronaut Candidate Program and on the other hand, I'M EXCITED TO GO WITH YOU!!

Simply our success comes with a celebration! When the time has come for our departure through the Portal System, I'd really hope that we can go party-ing in the transport board.

I'd really hope that our future in Titan would come in a success, our jobs shouldn't be in a riddance; we have to continue giving off the knowledge that we have learned for the past 5 years.

Good luck to you Dr. Rossman and to me, myself!

- Summers


To: Adeline Rossman

From: thegeniussummer@em.ail

Subject: Project HOME

Date: October 25, 2079

Ever since we've been deployed as Pathfinders of Titan, I find it hard to send an email to you because we are restricted to have our devices.

While I was managing the device earlier you rejected to do it for me, Head Director Daemon gave me an envelope with my phone! He then instructed me to go fetch your things and put it to this new and awesome suite we have!

Time to Heal. Be the real-deal!

- Summers

PS: Say my Thank You to your Dad by the way!

PSS: I did touch your clothes but I didn't do anything to them!


As expected from an email from Summers. I smiled as I read those funny context he always did. 

Tomorrow morning would be really hectic. I hope this new job would be really nice to me.

Time to Heal. Be the real-deal. 

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