Project Home

Despite of the terrifying nightmare, Max managed to wake up from a coma. He had forgotten everything, his family, friends and the one he loves. There's only one thing that Max remembers, his name.

As prior to the alpha project of Halycon Inc., Dr. Adeline Rossman has been sent to Titan in order to take part of the universal institute project of NASA together with Halycon Inc. to aid people who suffered from mental diseases. Her knowledge would be up to the test as she becomes a doctor-scientist of Project Home.


5. Embodiment

Monday mornings are not the best kind of days and should be terminated in the calendar. It's been a month then and what I actually can remember is that Mondays are still the worst day of every months passing. I centralized this fact because Mom would wake me up at 6:30 in the morning just to eat freshly toasted loaves with a creamy butter and cheese as a spread. Guess what? Eight in the morning is my time to go to school.

There are two ways to go to school, it's either I'll walk alone carrying a bag filled with air and some books and notebooks or I'll go with Dad which I don't want to because he'll going to shout and say to me "Go find me a baby to carry!" He did shouted that on the first day I went to class and I can't understand since I have been telling and asking them about Adriana. Well, dad mentioned that I was a good, sporty and a cute clingy boyfriend to her but then...

"Things change Max."

I was beginning to think that everything has changed when I came back for a second chance. A second chance. I thought, I thought that everything would change back to normal even everything seems to look normal. Every beginning is everything. But I realized, I nearly have come into an end and this was a new beginning to see everything.

"Max?" my thoughts were popped in my empty mind when Dad stopped the car. I began to pick up my things and through my peripheral vision, I saw him looking at me weirdly with a direct eye contact. I look at him and he glanced his way to the window. I was about to go out when he handed me fifty bucks.

"Um, yeah, you should go out with a date with Adriana. You know, just to fix some things up." He patted me on the head, "I know, you're still questioning about the world and stuff but I think it's alright if you could go with her in the afternoon or night."

"Thank you, uh, should I go now?"

"Your mom and I well, we'll go on a movie date, she's craving to watch a movie with aliens." He chuckled and then opened the locks of the car. I was about to go out again when somebody showed up in the window.

"Great stuff you got there!" Cloud, the man with the smiles, "You should hurry up because the first subject was History and you should be excited to get up there and yeah," he chuckled, "Just... get out of there Max or I'm gonna kick you out of there."

I got out and closed the door of the car. "Thanks Mister Dremorre!" Cloud shouted back to the car and eventually dad drives away. I walked quietly with him and I didn't spoke a word while he was crazily talking about Roman History and Portuguese (because from what I heard that is the thing that I've missed in the first few days of class) and absolutely going nuts with his word.

"And then the famous and infamous Julian Caesar have said-"

"That was Julius."

He flicked my ear and rubbed my head with his fist, "Aha! You were just reading roman books, are you? You said to me that you were just taking a rest and do nothing but to look at your white ceiling but I was wrong, I knew you were doing really fishy! You. Were. Reading. Books!"

I shrugged and did a face palm, "Fine, I was reading but I wasn't reading what you'd expect me to read. I was reading our past text conversations with Adriana." I twiddled my fingers, I wasn't sure about what I said but it made me so red that Cloud noticed and he laughed.

"That's the Max I've been waiting to hear!" He laughed and patted me on the back and I glanced away from Cloud's sight and looked at the window we were passing by. The nature in our school made my beating heart serene as the wind takes the leaves fly into the sky and goes down into the crowd.

Cloud shakes my shoulders and I realized that we reached our room for the History subject and students began to gather around to the room. It was 7:58 in the morning. It would take seven hours before this school day ends. As soon as I sat, I wasn't expecting who my seatmate be. It's her.

I looked at her and she wasn't looking at me hence, she was typing out something on her laptop. She wasn't reacting a bunch but she sure definitely wanted to talk to me. I wanted to say something to her and I asked this, "Hey, did you eat your breakfast?"

She glared at me like one of those scary images in horror films. I looked at her back but I didn't react. She sighed and said, "Yeah." She took off the notebooks in the desk and didn't said anything afterward. The class started and the professor had been talking about Anglo-Saxon something but I wasn't listening or looking at her. I wrote some of the notes.

It took a matter of time before I got distracted and heard someone calling my name, whispering it.


I looked around but I don't think somebody is calling me, I looked at Adriana but she was typing out notes. I looked Cloud and I saw his pen bopping around, he was writing. I looked at the board and it was fiendish. There were a lot of words, numbers, years... I was beginning to think I should get out but it felt that I was stuck here and...

I felt the wind was pushing me somewhere. I don't know what happened but everything I am seeing right now is pitch black. I walked forward and then a light appeared. I followed it and then a window only showed up. I saw a man... a doctor... He was holding a phone.

"Max Dremorre. Yeah... Yes, yes. He's been evaluated... What? Project Home? His loss in the Aldo facility is not great but... okay. Fine... He'll wake up soon maybe you should get going."

"Max, wake up."

I opened my eyes as I heard the voice. The ceiling was white and the curtains were yellow, I looked at the right and Adriana was there, looking at me and she was combing my hair by her hands. She was looking at me with a sadness on her face. I was in the clinic and school bell rang, it was

"Wha-what happened?"

She cried as I said the words, her face became dull and she showed sympathy, "You jerk!" she hits me on my chest, "You just... just dropped like you were dead! When I saw you, your nose was bleeding and..." she continued to sob and a handful of tears came out. I stood from the bed and got my handkerchief right off the bat from my pocket and carefully wiped her face. "I saw that face again like the one that I saw from the hospital, I thought, I thought you were dead-"

"But I wasn't." I stopped her sentence and I looked at her in the eye, "Look, I'm fine. I'm always going to be fine remember? Did you remember the day that you saw me awake from the hospital? I saw my mom, my dad, Cloud and you. You were right there. When I saw you, you were beautiful as heck."

She slapped me on the face, I looked at her back and she began to sob again, "I thought I'm going to lose you, Max. I'm sorry that I was so insensitive." She hits my back with her hands repeatedly... releasing her anger towards me, "I'm sorry I didn't have the guts to, to go there in the hospital or in your house just to visit you once. I had Cloud for me to do it and it hurts me so much that I haven't seen you for a while smiling like you always did and laughing on our nonsense jokes or anything that makes you so... irresistible."

Tears fell to my eyes and she kept on sobbing while I was hugging her back and lulling her from sadness and regrets. It was that time, that time where everything just stops. Me and her against the world, against the linear of time, the embodiment of a strong affinity we have.

"I wanna go home." Adriana calls when we were walking on our way to some place. I'd be getting her something that she wants but I don't know anything so I texted Cloud about something she wants.

Dude, get her a coffee or cake or maybe a boat.

I was stumbled for a moment and he said three things, a coffee, a cake or a boat. I called him immediately and asked away what the heck am I going to do a boat?

"Cloud." I whispered. I don't want to spoil anything to Adriana.

"Yeah?" He whispered back, "I got to tell you something, did you call because of th-"

"The boat, yes. You idiot." I did say that idiot a lot harder so that he could explain it to me further more.

"Steal a boat."

"What?!" I nearly shouted and Adriana looked at me and I immediately took off my phone

"Hey Max, where are we heading anyway?" Adriana suddenly asked, I almost forgotten her.

"To the coffee shop, near the port." I said.

"You know that I've missed you so much." She said. I can't say anything. Well, I don't know, she just blurted out that one. "But good choice, to the coffee shop, near the port."

"I'm sorry." I said softly to her ears but he didn't react in a flinch. I let her walk first and I talk back to Cloud. "You dinkle-twit, where do I steal a boat?"

"You always do that didn't you?" When he said that, I heard him sighed on the line, "Right, amnesia. I could drive for you two, be there in a minute, okay?"

He dropped the phone call and I focused on Adriana, "Let's get you a coffee and cake, okay?"

We went to the port to find the boat that Cloud's been saying. I wasn't fully aware that he can steal a boat like that easy.

"Where are we going?" Adriana asked, I was about to answer that when that idiot Cloud showed up.

"This way mister and madam." And with a crew-like outfit, Cloud looks like he was about to sail for months away. We followed him to the boardwalk. Did he really stole a boat?

"You told him to drive us their boat?" Adriana asked me.

"He said he'll steal a boat for us."

"No, Max, his dad owns one from here, a pretty neat one."

"Oh, yeah, that's great. He said that to me and I got baited." I sighed from relief, I don't wanna get in trouble.

Then we reached the boat and Cloud said that he'll just drive not too far away, he'll be sailing and let us alone on the top deck. I looked at the vast sea and it was great, the smell of a shoreline sure shudders out of me.

"Are you okay out there?" I asked her, she was beside me, looking in the sea.

"Yeah, feels great we did this again!" She exclaimed and she hugged me at the back. I was shook and I felt that I turned red. The stars starts to glimmer out now in the night sky and the sun sets but its light is still there, twilight. The sea seems to cooperate with us in the situation and I wanted both of us isolated for the time being.

I was thinking, how am I a good boyfriend to her? She seems so happy when I am around and her mood changed when I brought her in the café and buying her cake. Being here with her in this boat, she gives me with some kind of déjàvu that happened in my past. I was falling in love with her. Well, I am in love with her in the past and I am still in love. Love will not forget even the struggles.

Speaking of past, I remembered something. The doctor. I saw some kind of thing, a premonition or a fragment that maybe happened in the past. I'll ask my parents about it later.

Night fell and I realized that Cloud stopped the boat. The engine sounds became calm and I looked at Cloud below and I saw him lying on the couch, he must be going to sleep. The stars reigns the sky. I turned around when I didn't saw Adriana. I left my bag on a chair and decided to go down. I was at the bottom deck when I didn't saw her around and when I turned around to go back up to check her, it was too late. She splashed a bucket filled of water to me.

"Guess what I did to you?" She giggled. I looked at her and smiled a bit at her. I followed her up the deck and she kept on giggling.

"I don't know what you did to me but I certainly didn't like it." I attempted to tickle her but she ran at the bottom, I jumped from the ledge and I was able to catch her but I tripped on the bucket she used and we fell both down, I was on top on her and we laughed.

"So, you always do that to me, huh?" I said and she nodded. I kissed her without a doubt.

"That's the thing I'm really in love with you Max, you don't get mad when I always do bad things at you."


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