Poems by Me

Words swim inside my head
As I drift into a lyrical sea.
Emotions flow in rhythmic waves
As diluted thoughts flood the page.
Paper drenched in melodic verse,
Passion surges and I'm submerged,
Drowning in inspiration
As ink drops from my pen.

-Christy Ann Martine-

✨All poems are by me!✨


15. Travelers of the Night

Travelers of the Night

There once was a man

That refused to sleep

Instead he ran,

Through the barren deserts

And wastelands of yesterday

He said it cleared his mind

From the pain that bounded him to the land

He ran for all the tears that have been shed in the night,

When a broken soul couldn't count their sheep

One night, he found another one who ran

Together the ran into the light

And sealed their destiny

The pair fought off the demons

Until they could no longer keep their eyes open,

They fell asleep,

Only to wake again in the moonlight

My dear,

You owe your life to them

For they are travelers of the night

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