Poems by Me

Words swim inside my head
As I drift into a lyrical sea.
Emotions flow in rhythmic waves
As diluted thoughts flood the page.
Paper drenched in melodic verse,
Passion surges and I'm submerged,
Drowning in inspiration
As ink drops from my pen.

-Christy Ann Martine-

✨All poems are by me!✨


14. Senses


I can feel it,

The wind as it sways the branches,

The waves as they crash onto land,

The quiet murmur of two forbidden lovers,

The echo of what once was

I can sense it,

The pain of the past,

The dying souls,

The broken hearts,

The mistaken laughter

I have felt it,

Everything, anything, and nothing,

All at once,

As the beauty and horror of the world came down

But yet,

The birds continued chirping,

And the branches kept swaying

Because life moves on,

And so will you

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