Poems by Me

Words swim inside my head
As I drift into a lyrical sea.
Emotions flow in rhythmic waves
As diluted thoughts flood the page.
Paper drenched in melodic verse,
Passion surges and I'm submerged,
Drowning in inspiration
As ink drops from my pen.

-Christy Ann Martine-

✨All poems are by me!✨


7. Save Us

Save Us

Save us,

Save us from the monsters we create

Save us from the glistening tears that slide down our cheeks

Save us,

Don't you understand?

Save us!

Save us from the society we live in, Where nothing is right, or acceptable

Save us,

We need you

You're our only hope


Save us!

Save us,

save us,

Before we've lost all hope

And destroyed each other

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