The Eye of the Gods

The God of Mischief has been at it again, and the eye of the Gods have gone missing.
Braj, the 14 year old son of a viking chief, happens to stumble upon the Eye of the Gods when gathering wood for his figure carvings, and ends up getting pulled into something much bigger than what he could ever imagine.
Suddenly he stands face to face with the warriors of Valhalla, and soon the Gods and Goddesses themselves.
If he knew that he would get so many responsibilities by picking up a round stone, he would have left it alone without a second thought, and never whined or complained about his own future-chief responsibilities.


3. The Mysterious Ball Has a Name

"Braj! Braj, are you okay?!" A voice called out. It sounded distant and muffled, so Braj couldn't quite make out who it was, but it sounded feminine. Maybe it was his mother? No, that wasn't her. Her voice was softer and more mature. Was this a younger person? 

"Dear Odin, no, no, no!" There it was again. It sounded scared. Horrified even.

It was as if it was coming closer and closer. He could even hear thumps now. It sounded like someone was running towards him, but he couldn't move, or open his eyes. The only thing he could feel was something cold against his back, butt and the back of his head. He was lying on the ground. He felt this horrible stinging in his forehead too, along with something.. Something warm. Running down his face in a slow motion. 

"Please, Braj!" The voice yelled once more. It sounded like.. Vilja? She was shaking him a little, her cold hands holding onto his arms. "Wake up, Braj. Wake up.

Forcing his tired eyes open, he grunted at the feeling of his body getting gently pushed and pulled in. It wasn't anyone else than Vilja herself. She was leaning over him, one knee on the bed for support, shaking him awake.

"Wake up, Braj, you lazy worm." She huffed. She kept her voice low though, not wanting to wake up his father or sister. 

"I'm awake, I'm awake." Braj mumbled, as he sat up, his big mane of hair sticking out to every side possible. He looked like he had lived in a cave for 20 years. 

Vilja let go of the boy, and looked him all over. "Good. You're not allowed to leave, right?" 

"How did you know?" He asked, whilst rubbing the sleep out of his eyes.

"Braj, I've known you since your hair was bigger than your body, there is no way your father would let you leave after coming home that late. He never does." She reminded him, almost whispering. 
She was right though. This was far from the first time he had come home that late, and it wouldn't be the last. 

"So! Do you want to sneak out with me? I saw that man on my way here. You know, the Loki thing." She told, as she looked around at the mess of a room. Did Braj ever clean up in here? 

"I will, I will. Can I just get some clothes on first?" He asked, to which Vilja snorted. "Since when was clothes necessary?" She joked.

"Since it started snowing." The boy chuckled.

The sun was shining softly from his open window, and onto their faces. Braj imagined that Vilja must have climbed up there, using a latter. Again. Last time she did so, it broke, and she almost fell. Good thing that Braj was there to pull her up, so she wouldn't dangle from his window all day. 

"Pft, I thought you were a big bad warrior." Vilja said, as she threw the boy a long sleeved blue shirt, a pair of trousers, and a big, warm fur cape. 

"Yes. Big bad warrior." Braj murmured, as he got changed. Vilja, of course, looked away. They had seen each other in underwear before. 
They had fallen in a lake, when a log they had walked on broke under their weight, and to not freeze to death, they had stripped out of their clothes and let them dry by a bonfire. 

When all dressed, Braj stretched his body. Vilja was on her way out the open window, when Braj's door creaked open. It was his sister, in her nightgown. Her strawberry blonde hair was filled with braids, no lock left un-braided. She always braided her hair before going to bed, so it was curly when she woke up. It was normally straight, but she had explained that she wanted to look like her brother. And who could say no to that?

"Frida." Braj said, rubbing the back of his head. "Did we wake you?" He asked. 

"Are you sneaking out with Vilja?" The young girl asked. She had just turned 9, so she was quite young, but her mind was as sharp as a battle axe's blade.

Vilja looked at Braj, then Frida. Frida was smiling sweetly at them. She looked like she hadn't slept for 3 years. She was wearing big woolen socks to warm her feet, and her long dark blue night gown was just as creased as her brothers sheets. It made her look pure and innocent.

"I won't tell father." She promised, as she tapped her freezing feet against the cold wooden floor, in an attempt to warm them up. Winter was cold even when you were indoors. "Just be careful." 

Vilja couldn't help but to chuckle a little. Frida was such a sweet child that didn't wish to give his brother trouble, even when he deserved it. "Thank you. And I won't let him get hurt. Not on my watch." 

"Thank you, Frida." Braj said, smiling kindly. "I'll bring you some flowers if I find any." The boy promised, whilst stuffing his feet into his leather shoes, that had neatly been decorated with brown fur and some string here and there.

"Please, will you see if you can find be some snowdrops?" She asked, as she slowly started to untangle her braids. 

"I'm not sure they're growing yet, but I will keep an eye out for some." He said, as he stood up. "You look like you could use some more sleep." He told, Frida nodding in response. 

"Yes.. I could. Just a little, I mean.." She agreed, with a tired smile. "Have fun." The young one told the two, before carefully sneaking her way back to her bed.

Vilja who hadn't stopped smiling, motioned for Braj to follow her, as she climbed down the ladder she had placed in front of Braj's window. 
The redhead quickly got the ball up from it's hiding place, and gently placed it in his bag before he could follow her out too. 

When the two of them had both their feet on the ground, Braj brushed some dirt off of his hands. It wasn't the most clean ladder, but it didn't mean death. He just wasn't the biggest fan of dirt and that. Which Vilja found highly amusing. 

"Do you have the thing?" Vilja asked, as she pulled Braj with her, away from his house. 

"I do. What's your plan with it?" He asked, while stumbling along.

"We should go to the cave of yours, and inspect it. Poke it with a stick, or something." She joked, elbowing her friend.

Braj laughed a little at her joke, and shook his head, his big hair bouncing along. The sun was only just peeking up, lighting the sky up in an orange glow, and the few people that were awake were the ones who had to get up to feed their animals, be on watch, fish, or guard the village. It was silent, but not in a bad way. All of the wooden houses' lights were off, and no smoke were coming from their cooking stations. It was cold and foggy outside, but it wasn't too bad compared to what it had been only a few days ago. 

The air had that refreshing morning-feel to it and Vilja couldn't help but breathe in in. "Ah. I cannot wait for summer. Not that winter is horrible. But it would be warmer and the sun would be out longer." She rambled, mostly just to avoid walking in silence. Kicking a few stones, Braj answered. "I agree. Winter is beautiful, but it's really cold."

"Exactly!" Vilja said, and for the rest of the walk, they kind of just had a small talk about random things.

Almost at the cave, a tall, slender man stepped out in front of them. The two children looked up at him. It was 'Loki.' Again. Braj looked at Vilja for a split second, but returned his attention to the man when he started speaking. 

"I have played dumb for too long. Hand over the Eye, mortals, or I will have to force you." He  snarled. He looked like he hadn't slept at all.

"The Eye?" Vilja asked, furrowing her brows, not feeling too good about this man. "Mortals?" 

"By Odin, who do you think I am? Just some stupid Midgaardian, looking after a 'mysterious ball' as you call it." The raven haired man said. This made Braj look uncomfortable. "You listened in on our conversations?" Braj asked, his hand tightly holding onto the bag. 

They were too far from the village to call for help in case anything were to happen, and even if they could get help, he had claimed to be the Loki. Which seemed to be true, and then what help would the village folk be? Mortals against a God. It seemed quite clear who would win already.

"I have the right to. You stole something from me, and I wish to get it back." The tall man scowled, his face scrunched up in anger and disgust. He kind of looked like Vilja's grumpy neighbor whenever her and Braj would play 'Throw the Rock' outside his garden. He'd always yell at them that he didn't want stones and rocks in his garden.

Braj shook his head. "We didn't steal anything." The boy said. He wasn't lying. They had found it, not stolen it. It had laid on free ground, nowhere near a living soul. "Even if we had, why would you want it? What is it?"

Vilja rose a brow at that, nodding. She wanted to know too. Loki on the other hand scoffed at them. Probably thinking that they were a pair of annoying mortals, wasting his precious time. "I have no need to tell you any of that, hand it over. I know you have it."

"Maybe we need to know because you're Loki and we wouldn't want to cause trouble in Asgaard." Vilja muttered, Braj looking at her for a second. Vilja had always known how to talk to people. She was a real leader type. Loki rose his brow slightly. It looked like he was deep in thought. "I admire that brain of yours. Hm. I will tell you if you hand it over."

Braj shook his head at that, his hand tightening around the bag. "The God of Mischief, known for tricks, lies and trouble. I would rather have you tell us before we hand it over, iwe choose to do so."

The God pinched the bridge of his nose in annoyance. "Do you know the story of Hinvir and the Eye?" He asked, but before the two had a chance to answer, he kept talking. "What you are carrying is the Eye of the Gods. Created along the universe to protect the weak ones, giving them strength and protection. It contains great power and magic, which makes it both useful and dangerous. To mortals, it could be deadly, if used in the wrong way." The man explained. He seemed to want to do good, but he had been told to be amazing with his acting.

"Why did one of the other Gods or Goddesses not choose to come and get it?" Vilja asked, her eyes squinted just slightly. Loki groaned a little, letting out a tired sigh. "Because I was the one to loose it." He murmured.

"How? Why did you end up with it?" Braj chimed in, sounding more curious than anything else. The young boy's hands were freezing cold, and the wind had blown into his hair, making it an even bigger mess than it had been when he left.

"That is no mortals business." Loki sneered as Vilja sighed, as she swung one of her braids behind her shoulder. "You stole it, didn't you?" She asked. Loki eyed her for a second, then rose his chin a little, looking like an elegant God. Braj hadn't noticed before now, but he was actually quite good looking, but knowing who he was it wasn't too surprising. The mans  skin was pale, and his sharp cheek bones and smooth jawline were a lot more highlighted in the light of the sunrise. He was actually quite good-looking, not that Braj would ever say so out loud.

"I did not. Children and adults of Valhalla need its powers to keep them safe and strong. I was supposed to bring it to Hinvir's grand-grandson, here at Midgaard. His father was the one to activate it, making him the one in control of it. He passed this on to his son, and so on." The man gently explained.

Braj and Vilja exchanged looks. They had known that guy. He had been 20-something years old when he passed away. "Uhm. He died last winter." Vilja informed him, to which Loki nodded. "Yes, I know. He is spending his days in the halls of Valhalla, just like the rest of his family. Sadly, whenever they die, their power to control the Eye falters away."

Braj furrowed his brows a little. What would the people of Valhalla do then? The last one to help was dead, leaving no children behind. He was about to ask what he would do now, but Loki had already known what he would say. "I am supposed to find a new guardian of the Eye. It is like a dumb tradition, since I was the one to help Hinvir find it. In reality, I do not choose the person myself. The Eye does." He sighed. The two children weren't sure whether to trust the man or not. He was known to be good with his tongue, and lying was his specialty.

"If you do not believe me," Loki said, raising a brow, as if he had read their thoughts. "Then you should close your eyes and ask the Gods and Goddesses." The man murmured. Braj didn't hesitate to raise his hand to his necklace. It was a stone that had been carved into the symbol of the Gods and Goddesses. Vilja did the same to hers. The two necklaces matched almost perfectly. Braj had carved them himself. They were a little rough, but looked good compared to how little he ever worked with stones.

The redhead sighed. "How do we know you won't run off or try to take the ball, um, Eye, when we close our eyes?" He carefully asked. The tall man rubbed his temples and shook his head. "I give you my truest word that I would not. I am not here to start any trouble." 

Vilja rolled her eyes a little at that, then shook her head too. "I'll keep my eyes open, and Braj can speak to them." She said, to which Loki shrugged. "Do as you please." He mumbled.

Having wrapped his slender fingers around the necklace, Braj closed his eyes. He stood there in silence for a moment, while Vilja kept her eyes glued on Loki. After a small minute, Vilja felt something in the ground vibrating just slightly. Apparently Braj did so too. His eyes gently opened. He and Vilja looked down at the ground. It was breaking a tiny bit, but only in a small area. Out of nothing, a buttercup flower sprung up. It was way too early for those to grow.

Braj blinked, then looked at Vilja. She seemed bewildered. A God has stood before them for a long while, yet this seemed more amazing. "By Odin.." She mumbled, then looked at Braj. He shrugged a little, looking almost as surprised. "I asked for a sign, if we could trust him. I, uh.. I guess I got one."

Loki let out the smallest relieved sigh. Imagine if they hadn't  answered. "Alright. Hand over the Eye then."

Vilja nodded at Braj, silently telling him that he probably should. He opened his bag and carefully pulled it out. As he held it, streaks of light shone through the space between his fingers. Loki paused for a moment, and then the let his hand rest on his own forehead. "You. Of course it is you. Why did you not tell me it glowed when you- Do you not know your stories?!" He angrily asked. He was done being sweet and patient.

Vilja was quiet for a second, as if she was thinking the entire story through. When she finally got it, her mouth opened slightly. Braj didn't get it though. He was standing there, looking confused, with a hint of annoyed. "Well!" Braj protested, but before he could keep on, Loki shook his head. "I need you to come with me. To Valhalla."

Braj backed up a little, unsure. "Why?" He asked. Vilja rubbed her cheek a little, trying to wrap her head around all of this. "Braj. It lights up when you touch it, it doesn't when I do." She tried to explain. "Just like in the stories, when Hinvir would touch it. It lit up."

The young boy furrowed his brows a little, then he shook his head. "Look, I- This is- I'm the one? I just found it when walking!" He insisted.

"Yes, and do you think that was a coincidence?" Loki asked, as he crossed his arms over his chest. He had a real sassy look on his face. Maybe he just looked like that whenever his face was neutral. "I mean, I surely didn't think this would happen.." The boy mumbled, narrowing his eyes. "What am I supposed to do?" He carefully asked the God.

The man eyed the two, then scratched thoughtfully at his chin. "You need to learn a spell." Braj raised his brows, not sure if he heard right. "As in magic? I don't- I'm not a sorcerer?" He said, confused.

Loki looked even more confused, his lips stretching into a thing line. He looked like someone who was trying to contain his anger. "You do not  have magic? Not even a tiny bit?" He asked, Braj mumbling out a "No."

Vilja, who had stepped a little back to let them talk, shook her head. "Sorcery isn't allowed in our village, unless it's the healing kind. Everything else is seen as dangerous." She carefully said, before sitting down on a big rock.

Braj shrugged a little, then took a few steps towards Loki. There was still more than two meters between them when he stopped up and reached the Eye towards him. "You better take it. There must be a mistake." He carefully said.

Just as Loki was about to move, a loud yell was heard. It wasn't in a language Braj understood, but it was right near them. From behind the rock Vilja had sat on, a couple of ugly-looking creatures jumped out. They looked kind of human, but with tails and odd-looking ears. Almost like sheep ears, but in the color of their skin. Their hair was long and gruffy, and most of them had either black or dark brown hair. They never stopped chanting and yelling as if it was a battlecry.

One of the things swung an arm around Vilja, holding her tightly, and another one started throwing ropes with a stone in each end of if, after the God. He barely avoided them. 
Before the tall man had a chance to take action, or even yell anything, a big broad whatever-it-was, took a strong hold in Braj. Vilja was kicking and protesting, trying to get her knife out of her belt, and she would probably have been yelling if it wasn't from the dirty hand over her mouth.

Loki smacked his elbow into the face of one of the things, sending it onto it's rumo with an 'oof!'
He yelled something to Braj, but he wasn't able to make out any other words than 'don't' and 'Jotun.' 
Trying to wriggle free, Braj managed to stomp his heel into the Jotun's foot, making him loose the grip on him. He took this opportunity to back away, but he didn't get far before another guy got him. It slammed into him so hard that Braj lost his balance, falling over a tiny cliff. It wasn't more than about three meters, but the ground he landed on was a mix of grass and stone.

He had dropped the Eye while falling, and it had cracked right up the middle.
Braj looked at the Eye, cursing under his breath. He had to shake his head to make his vision less blurry. That fall had knocked all the air out of him, and he was trying his best to calmly breathe in some air. He could still hear all of the Jotuns yelling, and possibly also Loki grunting. It sounded like he was fighting.

Sitting up, Braj rubbed his head. He was about to try to get up, but turned his attention to the Eye when it started cracking even more. One crack. Two cracks. Three cracks.

A big gleam of light was seen, along with a loud BOOM and a bunch of blue and white dust.

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