The Eye of the Gods

The God of Mischief has been at it again, and the eye of the Gods have gone missing.
Braj, the 14 year old son of a viking chief, happens to stumble upon the Eye of the Gods when gathering wood for his figure carvings, and ends up getting pulled into something much bigger than what he could ever imagine.
Suddenly he stands face to face with the warriors of Valhalla, and soon the Gods and Goddesses themselves.
If he knew that he would get so many responsibilities by picking up a round stone, he would have left it alone without a second thought, and never whined or complained about his own future-chief responsibilities.


1. Missing an Eye

Everything was as usual in the great Valhalla. A big warm sun shining brightly on the thin blanket of snow that had covered every inch of the hard ground. Birds were chirping happily as cold breezes went along the tall old trees and over the mountain tops. It was a beautiful sight to be seen. 
But inside the big main house, where the Gods and Goddesses would feast, rest and train, an angry yelling could be heard, along with a bunch of rambling.

"Loki, if you do not tell us where the Eye is, I will feed you to a giant, you can take my word for that!" Odin, an old looking grey-haired man with a full beard, roared.

"Oh so you are blaming me now? It is not my fault that you have a thing for loosing eyes." The so called Loki calmly said. His arms were folded over his chest, and his foot patiently tapping on the old wooden floor. His raven colored hair falling onto his shoulders, shining in the light of the sun. 

"He did not loose an eye, he traded it for wisdom, Loki." A redheaded man chimed in, his voice rough with anger.

Raising a brow, Loki eyed the man. "Clearly the man was fooled, Thor." He mocked, seeming slightly pissed by now. Why was he always the one to be blamed, with no second thoughts? One day it wouldn't be his fault, and they would all have to apologize. He looked forward to that day. 

Slamming his hand into the wooden table, all the glasses and plates rattled loudly, Odin rose his voice once again, causing all the other Gods and Goddesses that had remained silent, suddenly gasped and started whispering a little.

"If you do not bring it back within the next hour, I will not hesitate to lock you up for good. Do you not understand the importance in this, you foolish man!?" Loki was sure that the old man would end up with a heart attack if this continued.

"That will not be possible, Odin." The raven haired man muttered, as he tapped his finger on his arm, in tact with the tapping of his foot. "I have lost it in Midgaard." 

With that, the hall fell silent for a moment, before Frigga spoke up. 

"Loki. This could mean that a mortal got their hands on it. Do you know how much they could misuse that power?" Her lips were red and pouty, and her voice soft and mild. 

She knew that scolding the man wouldn't make him do anything, and in fact only made it worse. Which was why Odin never got anywhere with him when they were arguing. That, and how Loki kept starring at his eye patch, imagining what it would look like underneath. Would it be a closed eye? Or an empty eye socket? 

No matter what, you would have to be patient with Loki. Even though that craved a lot of willpower and calmness. 

"Are you my mother? I think not." The jotun said, with a small grunt, but quickly stopped tapping his foot and finger, when he saw the glare the lady sent at him. 

"You will fix this." Frigga told, with her head held high. You didn't mess with this woman. 

Loki nodded just the slightest, before eyeing everyone as he headed out and off to make up a plan. 


At the small village in the land of the mortals, also called Midgaard, a young boy was busy trying to hammer a nail into a wooden box. He was sitting besides a small pond, on a big stone, covered in a light brown fur blanket. His father had been nagging him, and the best way to cool down, was to build things. He was only 14, but his father wanted him to be all adult, and ready to be able to take over his place as a chief. Not that the young boy wanted to be a chief. He just wanted to run around in the woods, carve wooden figures and play along the lakes. Why couldn't he just do that? He never asked to be a chief, nor did he ask to be the son of one. If his mother was here, she would understand.

Deeply in thought, he carved the name 'Braj' into the wooden box that he had just finished hammering a nail into. That was his name. Braj. Given to him at birth. His mother had named him after a brave warrior that had saved their town multiple times. Unfortunately he passed away some years before Braj was born, in a battle against the Brits. Maybe his parents had hoped he would end up like him, but no. Instead they got a stick with some crazily huge orange hair, and the dullest green eyes. He was no warrior. He was an inventor, and a good one at that. But most of his time was used on carving figures, hiding from his his responsibilities or sleeping in weird locations and places. The boy had a built-in pillow. His hair was like the softest and fluffiest thing ever, so sleeping anywhere at anytime was never a problem. Especially not when he had stayed up all night to watch the stars and ask the Gods and Goddesses for stupid things, like less freckles on his butt, or easier access to cake and other sweets.

Blowing off some small leftovers of wood from the box, he stroked a finger over its engravings. It looks good. Nice even. But it needed more wood for the edges and the lock. Maybe he could gather some from the small cave he had made into his hide-here-when-you're-tired-of-the-world place. If he remembered correctly, he had left a bunch of wood there to dry off. Nordic weather was often cold and wet, so most wood would have to be left to dry for a couple of days. And there was no way his father would allow him to do that in their house. 

Getting up from his small spot, he grabbed the fur blanket as the frozen leafs crushed under the weight of him. God was he glad that he wore two pairs of socks today. Leather shoes weren't exactly the warmest thing to wear in snowy weather like this.
As Braj brushed off a couple of wooden pieces off of his clothes, and out of his hair, he took in a deep breath. It was cold, but refreshing, and it left him feeling good. 
He stroke a hand over his pale freckled face, closing his eyes for a small moment, as he took in the sounds of chirping birds, mild winds rushing through the leafs on the trees and the gentle running water from the nearby pond that he would have to cross.
Smiling a little, he reopened his eyes, and grabbed a small leather bag that was placed at his feet. He swung it over his shoulder, and stuffed his sheathed knife, and his box into it, before he began walking.

When reaching the entrance of the forest, Braj hummed the song of Yggdrasil. The forest could be quite dangerous, and ever since he had gotten attacked by a wolf, he has found himself humming for courage. His dad hated it, but the women found it cute. Not that he cared too much. He wasn't planning or wanting a relationship. Not even with his fathers friends daughter, Vilja. She was his best friend. Not a potential partner. The pair had known each other for Odin knows how long, and they would both whine whenever the idea of them marrying was brought up. Apropos Vilja, maybe he should pick up some extra wood, and carve her something. She really loved his figures. 

Marching his way through the snow, Braj managed to flip and fall, landing onto one knee, and two elbows. Thank the Allfather he didn't hit his head, or hear any bones snap. He did have snow everywhere though. All of his hairs stood up when he felt the ice cold snow touch his bare skin. Even if he was wearing a big long-sleeved green shirt, and a huge fur cape, the snow had managed to make it's way up under everything. With a groan, he sat up on his knees, brushing off the frozen water the best that he could. 

Right before he was about to get up, his green eyes caught onto a shiny round object, placed between a fallen tree and a stone. It looked odd, but even more so as he got the leafs and dirt off of it. It had a blue marble-like look to it, and it was glowing just the slightest, especially when it was touched. You would have thought it would be extremely heavy, but it was actually quite light weight. 

Never had Braj seen anything like it. Not even from the traders they had been visited by, or traveled to. It was really pretty though. Who knew what this was worth. Not that he would sell it. This could be like his secret treasure.

Sliding his slender fingers over it, he scanned it. Maybe it was some kind of sanded crystal? Or was it to big for that? A big crystal, maybe? 

The redhead got onto his two feet, his eyes still locked onto the mysterious thing. It was soft to the touch, just like you would expect from the way it looked, but it had some small patches of roughness, as if it had an outer layer that had been broken off, or simply been worn out. 

He could inspect it at the cave, where he could make himself a small fire to get warmed up a little, before he had to head back home for dinner. His dad was gonna be pissed, but that wouldn't be anything new. 



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