Not your Mary Sue

Title says it all.


1. Serves you right B33ch

Was I surprised to find Kimberly Summers standing on my doorstep that afternoon? Yes. As soon as I open the door she walks right in. Everything but her face looked fine. Kimberly finds my living room and seats herself on one of the sofas. 

This bitch really was making herself at home when we're not even friends. 

I smile and offer her some tea, which I conveniently just finished making. 

I give Kim her cup but she just stares at the surface, probably looking at it's reflection on contemplating the meaning of her life like some typical protagonist of some romance novel. I already knew what happened, the fact that she came to me of all people means could only mean one thing.

"You were right." She half-whispers.

I cock my head at her and make a puzzled face.

"About him."

"Oh." I rest my cup of tea on it's coaster before sitting up properly and facing her.

Oh c'mon is this all you wanted to tell me?

"Oh?" Kimberly echoes. She looks pointedly at me. "That's all you can say?"

I smile politely.

"Would you rather I pretend to be concerned about your broken heart?" I stare at her. She clenches her jaw. 

Honestly you're an idiot for coming here, who the hell would come and tell the person that predicted their break up- to break up.

"Why have you come here? Surely you didn't come just to tell me that?" 

Kim closes her eyes and exhales before finally eyeing me. With that runny mascara of hers I found it hard to take her seriously as she did. I take a sip of tea and try to think of less amusing things, like moldy bread and the faulty doors of public toilets. Ew. That's enough.

"You like him don't you. Were you waiting for me to get dumped so you could take him?"

"So I could take him..." I echoe. "Do you realize how ridiculous that sounds, he's a player after all how could he ever be taken?"


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