Corrupted With Loneliness



In all my life

I've only felt lonely

When I first picked up my phone

In all my life

I've never sat in one spot for hours

Texting someone and then wait for others to text me

In all my life

I've seen people growing up and having their childhoods

Taken away by technology

And them turning into...

In all my life

I never thought of myself with no friends

Until I got social media

In all my life

I never thought I'd be the one

Corrupted by media and standards

When I always knew who I was

And what my worth meant to myself

In all my life

I never cared about

what I wore

Who I hung out with

How I spent my weekends

When I went on vacation

Why I even cared about what people thought about me

Until my life

Ended up in the hands of social media

Oh how I would regret ever making up a username

Until my life

crashed and burned at the sight of my "friends"

Who posted about hanging out

Without me

Until my life

Unraveled when I saw my "best friend"

See that movie with someone else

The one I wanted to see

Until my life

Revolved around TBH's and rates

How many retweets I got

How many followers I reached

Who saw my story

Who loved my pictures

When will my life

Be worth more than

My follower count

The amount of friends I think I have

The weight on the scale

Or the rate I get from 1-10

When will my life

Be more precious than



A twitter account on sale

A celebrity's car

Or a streak you can't lose

It will be the life

To not care

What will it take...

Just put down the phone

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