Kimchi's Diaries (special): Creature Known as Girl

One day on Black Day. . . . Got you! No more description! You have to check for yourself~


1. Creature Known as Girl

Have you ever wondered if you knew everything about women? I mean, EVERYTHING. You don’t? Very good. That makes two of us. But I’m glad I don’t know everything, because I think I would be grilled in hell right now, known as Karen Han’s hell.

Most of you know about Black Day, right? Yup, singles day. Well, it’s today and I’m enjoying my evening writing this diary. But let’s go back to the morning, when it wasn’t so peaceful…


I woke up quite late, which was strange. Seungjun was morning bird and he would always wake me up, especially since we’d shared the room. But today he was gone. I sat up and rubbed my eyes, thinking what to do first.

Our manager was kind enough to give us a day off 14th of February, March and April. In February we celebrated Valentine’s Day with Tinkerbells and in March White Day, also with Tinkerbells. On Black Day we usually had time for ourselves, since we were all single. Yesterday we decided to go shopping, after that to the amusement park, then eating, and we would finish with cinema. Perfect plan so far.

When I was on my way to bathroom, I almost tripped over Heejun, curled up on the floor. I stared at him for a while semi-conscious, thinking about nothing. At some point I was pulled from my meditation by a noise coming from the corner, where we had kitchenette. For some reason Inseong was nearly sitting in the fridge. I knew the weather was nice outside, but to already freeze face?

“New method of making breakfast, hyung?” I asked Inseong and squatted, tapping Heejun’s butt to wake him up.

Inseong flinched surprised, hit the shelf in the fridge and fell out. “Jihun-ah!” he said. “What do you want to eat?”

“I suddenly want an omelet. Where’s Seungjun-hyung? I want him to make this.” I went toward the bathroom, sure he was there.

“No!” an unexpected shriek startled me and Youjin appeared between me and the door.

“Hi, hyung,” I said. “And what are YOU doing? Did you know about Inseong-hyung in the fridge and Heejun on the floor?”

“I’m… working out!” Youjin said, pushing me toward my room.

“By pushing me?”


“Hug me instead,” I ordered, quickly turning around to him with open arms, but he skillfully avoided me. Once again my eyes were on the bathroom. “I’m going to throw him out. How long can you shower?”

Inseong and Youjin tried to stop me but without effect. When I was about to open the door, we heard a voice from the front door, “I’m back!”

I froze confused. That… was Seungjun’s voice. But Seungjun was in the bathroom.

Or wasn’t he… ?

At the same time bathroom’s door opened and a girl came out. She was wearing dress in emoticons and her hair was wet. She started drying it up with a towel, staring at us surprised. I was just shocked to death.

“This isn’t Seungjun-hyung,” only that I was able to grumble. My ears turned red as my mind understood what would happen if I opened the door.

“Isn’t,” Inseong agreed.

“Free bathroom…” Heejun suddenly stood up and shuffled to the bathroom.

Only when he closed the door I came back to my senses, “Who’s she?” I said with disbelief. She couldn’t be any sister or cousin of members because I knew them all and that one was a definite stranger.

The girl looked confused. Then she said to members, “You didn’t tell him?”

“Tell me WHAT.”

“Breakfast’s here!” Seungjun finally came to the kitchenette, putting the groceries on the table. “What’s going on?”

“Honey~!” the girl shouted suddenly and clung to Seungjun. “Welcome back.”

If I could, I would trip over nothing but that was physically impossible. But Heejun helped me with that, hitting me with the bathroom’s door and sending on the blanket, under which he was curling up earlier.

“Forgot the towel…” Heejun muttered. Inseong gave it to him and maknae disappeared once more in the bathroom.

I patted my cheeks. “Damn dream,” I muttered. “And I’ve thought the zombie one was the worst…”

“This isn’t the dream, Jihun-ah,” Inseong said, lifting me up. “Meet Karen Han, Seungjun’s girlfriend. She came here from the USA yesterday. It was late, so we didn’t want to wake you up –”

“Well, thank you for that!” I growled. “It isn’t very nice if I’m the only one who don’t know about it!”


I looked at Seungjun, angry at him the most. We were sharing the room and he said nothing!? I didn’t know whether I was angry at him for not telling me, or afraid his backscratching chores came to an end.

At some point another thought popped up in my head. Today was Black Day, which we always spent together, as KNK… What now? Seungjun was leaving us to spend time with his new girlfriend?

“That reminds me of our changed plan!” Seungjun said. “We’re bringing Karen with us!”

“Where?” I shouted together with Youjin, Inseong and Heejun (who burst out of the bathroom at the same time). At last I wasn’t the only one clueless about something.

“Shopping, to amusement park, dinner and cinema, of course,” Seungjun said, surprised that we were more surprised. “Is there a problem?”

“No… Let’s go.”

As members went to change their clothes, I stayed a little longer, glaring at Karen, who sent me similar look.

“So…” I began slowly. “You’re Seungjun’s girlfriend.”

“Yes. And you’re his roommate.”

“Yup. And friend.”

“I know. He talked a lot about you.”

“Is that so?” Maybe my backscratching evenings weren’t over yet. But I had to prevent what was about to happen to Seungjun because of that girl. And I knew that just by seeing her devilish eyes. “He didn’t mention you at all though.”

“Reasonable. We’ve met a few times but I came back only now.”

“For how long?”

“Does it matter?”

It does, I thought. “So I guess you know about Seungjunnie-hyung everything.”

“Yes, I think I do.”

Evil thought popped up in my mind. At first I thought it would destroy his image, but then a silent voice asked in my head: what image? And I began my conspiracy.

“Do you know he likes cartoons and toys?”


“And that he hates horrors and is easily scared by them?”

“I know.”

“He eats a lot and likes to brag about food.”

“It’s cute.”

“He also hits people.”

Karen made shocked face. Yes, my win!

“Ah, I know,” she suddenly said, calming down. “I saw that. He’s very affectionate.”

Damn, my loss…

“Jihun-ah, why aren’t you ready?” Youjin asked, coming out.

“I’m going,” I growled, glancing grimly at Karen who unfortunately understood my intentions and smirked satisfied.

First, as planned, we went shopping. What was predictable, Seungjun and Karen were having fun (holding hands, can you imagine that?) but – what was really irritating – not by themselves but also with Heejun, Inseong and Youjin. Yeah, I was left alone. Even when we bought coffee, I was the one holding Karen’s cup when she and Seungjun were taking selcas. At the end they walked away without taking the cup and I went after them, but tripped over something and the coffee was wasted. Everything would be fine, if it wasn’t wasted on a big polar bear, who just took off the costume’s head and chased me to the end of shopping center.

The amusement park wasn’t better. We played rock-paper-scissors to decide who’ll go on what attraction. I ended up with Seungjun and Karen on rollercoaster. But I guessed this time Seungjun was in tight spot, because he sat between us and as we screamed, we clung to his both sides. What made me proud, and Karen angry, was that Seungjun clung to me when he was scared. Next attraction was haunted house. As I thought, Seungjun didn’t participate in this and only me and Heejun went inside (yes, we lost the rock-paper-scissors…). It wasn’t as scary as I predicted, but I changed my mind when a terrible bandaged man jumped at us, Heejun at me and we ran away screaming.

The dinner was the most peaceful time this day. If you didn’t count Heejun’s and Inseong’s loud jokes and Karen feeding Seungjun. I was glad my chopsticks were made from metal, which is hard to break in two. Only Youjin was left for me, but he pushed me away as always…

Cinema was a chance to chase Karen away but it turned out she chose the movie and we ended up watching romance. When at some point I was dozing off, I heard strange, ugly sob on my left. I looked there and saw Heejun, who was really into the movie with wet face.

“Eee… why are you crying?” I whispered.

“I’m not!” Heejun sobbed. “But it’s so sad…”

“The poor girl with the mop and expensive phone? Very logical.”

“That was the scene at the beginning, hyung.”


I looked on my right and saw Seungjun in similar condition as Heejun. Only Karen seemed to pay attention to the plot (Inseong was busy playing on his phone and Youjin fell asleep).

“Oh God…” I sighed eventually and I followed Youjin’s footsteps.

During our return to the dorm I was gloomy and angry. I didn’t imagine this day like that. I wanted to spend it like every year. No, today wasn’t boring, but I would appreciate if it wasn’t dangerous either (that polar bear man will be in my nightmares for some time…).

“Jihun-ah, are you alright?” Inseong asked, when we were in front of our dorm.

“Of course,” I growled. “Why?”

“You look a little angry.”

“A little? Are you sure?”

“Very angry?” Heejun suggested.

“Yes, I’m angry!” I exploded and pointed my finger at Seungjun. “Today is Black Day, not Valentine’s or White! Why today? I felt like you weren’t with us today.”

“We were spending time with you too!” Seungjun said surprised.

“Really?” I snorted. “Ok, If you can call spending time together chased by a gangster polar bear!”

“Who?” Inseong, Youjin and Heejun asked but I ignored them.

“You didn’t like it?” Seungjun continued.

“I… Not exactly, but –”

“Yes or no.”

I clenched my teeth. “Alright! I hated it. Happy?”

“Did you miss me?”

“Yes! That’s why – wait, what?” I stopped dumbfounded.

Only now I realized members and Karen had smirks on their faces. Suddenly all of them burst out laughing.

“Wait, it was prank!?” I outraged. Man, I’m so slow. “I was pranked!?”

“Yup,” Seungjun said, almost lying on the ground, red with laughter.

“Aaah, it’s finally over!” Karen sighed. “I mean, I had great time, thanks everyone.”

“So you –” I groaned pointing at Karen.

“Nope, I’m not Seungjun’s girlfriend. He’s all yours, Jihun-ah. But we’ve indeed met a few times.”

“Their parents are friends and wanted Karen to spend good time in Seoul,” Inseong explained. “So they decided that Seungjun will take her on one day of sightseeing.”

“How –”

“It was Karen’s idea,” Heejun took the lead. “Because Seungjunnie-hyung talked about you a lot, Karen realized you’re close, so she bet with him that you won’t miss him all day.” He smiled widely. “And Karen lost.”

Real demon.

“But she said… ‘honey’…”

“Ah, that…” Karen smiled apologetically. “Too many dramas. I’ve always wanted to say that. And don’t worry, I already have fiancé.”

“I’ll congratulate you when I finish someone off,” I growled, when my mind was finally clear.

I chased Seungjun to the dorm. When we were inside, I pointed at him angrily with a frying pan. “You’ll regret this. Why did you do that!?”

“Why are you angry?” Seungjun asked confused. “You’re pranking me all the time!”

“T… That’s not the same! Okay, maybe a little, but this –!” I lowered the frying pan and turned around, lost for words.

We were silent for a moment.

“Are you really mad?” Seungjun whispered. “I’m sorry, Kimchi…”

“Scratch,” I said grimly.


“I said: scratch, if you don’t want to get blessed with the frying pan.”

Seungjun came to me closer and did what I told him to do.

Well, a day full of surprises but at least it will be the longest backscratching ever.

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