Anna went from living on the streets to on the road to fame. But some of it isn't what she had dreamed of. This is her memoir.


3. Some Background on Gymnastics

My gymnastics coach practically saved me. She enrolled me in a school in upstate New York for aspiring gymnasts. I had it in my mind that I was going to be the "Olympic Gymnast With Humble Beginnings Wins Gold Medal" in all of the newspaper headlines some day. So I worked  out everyday in the gym, striving for one goal- to be that Olympic Gymnast. 


Olympians would come and visit the gym sometimes. A few of them even went to that school! I was ecstatic! I felt so close to my goal- until it all came crashing down right before me. Back then I was devastated- it led me into a state of depression that I will get into later- but now looking back on it, I am so glad the accident happened. 



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