Anna went from living on the streets to on the road to fame. But some of it isn't what she had dreamed of. This is her memoir.


2. Orphaned Twice

I have never been a very gushy person. So, I will be to the point. My parents died 3 years ago. My parents were both writers, and we lived in a small apartment in New York City right by their publishing firm. I was homeschooled by my mother who was a teacher before she was a writer. We were happy together.


I think I should also mention that I was adopted. It doesn't really matter to me, and often falls to the sides of my conversations, because frankly I don't think it defines me. I was orphaned at six, when both of my biological parents died of disease. They were friends of my adopted parents who tried to have a child for years. My parents knew, and when they were sick before they died, they left me to my adoptive parents.


Then, when I was 16, and learning to drive myself, a man who was texting and driving hit my adoptive parents' car head on while they were on the way to get me from my gymnastics lesson. I could say that was possibly the worst day of my life. But you are probably wondering how that got me to the theater. 



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