Anna went from living on the streets to on the road to fame. But some of it isn't what she had dreamed of. This is her memoir.


6. My Room

They led me down the hall into a room at the end. It was my room. The walls were painted sea foam green, and my twin bed with a gray headboard was placed in the corner. There was a white nightside table, and an empty set of shelves, except for one playbill framed and autographed on the topmost shelf. There was also a white desk and fuzzy spinning office chair. I walked to the other side of the room, where there was a door that I found led to an empty closet, and another door that led to my own bathroom. This was better than anything I had ever seen!


But I couldn't help but feel bad a bit. I had too many times been the person with nothing but now I felt like I had everything. And that made me feel guilty. My mother never really liked anything extravagant- if she were here what would she say? Would she be ashamed of me? Or happy that I was finally so well off? I would never know, and it bugged me. I finally agreed with my self on gratitude, and thanked the Smiths extensively. They just smiled and said 'you're welcome'. I decided to sit down on the bed and wrap myself in the white fuzzy throw blanket provided. It felt like home.



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