Anna went from living on the streets to on the road to fame. But some of it isn't what she had dreamed of. This is her memoir.


9. Beyond the Barrier

"Do do do do do do do do do do

Love, love is a feeling

A feeling inside

My heart will rise to the ceiling

Once I am his bride


And ohhhhhhh

I can't wait 

for the day we'll stand on the altar and he'll say

I dooooooooooo

I dooooooooooo

I dooooooooooo

I dooooooooooo


Oh love is pain

But I think it's worth it

If all for him


 Oh, I don't deserve it

The damage on the brain....

But it's all for him!


....I'm going out on a whimmmm."


A woman with a poof of blonde curly hair had stepped out onto the spotlight, singing loudly into the empty theater. Then she saw my mother. 

"Sorry." She said quietly, and I was surprised at how soft her speaking voice was.

"No, Amy, that was great!" My mother said. "This is Anna, my adoptive daughter." She added.

"Anna, this is Amy Wilson, our director. She can sing a pretty good belt too." My mom said, nudging me.

"Come to tour the theater? Oh,  Anna, dear, did you go to expressions acting camp? That's only the best acting camp for musical theater there possibly could be?" 

I glanced down at my shirt. "Uh, no, sorry." I said, embarrassed.


"Well, come back stage with me." Amy said, leaning out her hand for me to jump up onto the stage. I grabbed it, nodding my thanks. There was tape on various places across the stage. "Stand here." She said, pointing to one close to the audience, but in the center of the stage. "Okay." I said with a nod.  She made her way over to the edge of the stage. And With one pull, the black velvet curtains opened to reveal a magical imaginary world I had never seen or even thought of before.




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