Anna went from living on the streets to on the road to fame. But some of it isn't what she had dreamed of. This is her memoir.


5. A Wall of Playbills

A smiley woman in a pristine suit brought me to her office. She introduced herself as Sarah Jones, which surprised me because I always thought that you should call police by their last time. I guess that woman was different. Foster Care. That's what she told me. Foster Care. She called in another man, who shook my hand and introduced himself as Kevin Smith, who also turned out to work at the police office. He told me that he had been looking to adopt or foster a girl with his wife for a while, in addition to raising his three sons. Sarah arranged that we meet, and so Kevin's wife Kelly was called into the office the next day, while I spent the night at a nearby hotel with a hired babysitter. Maybe it was God, fate, lucky stars or something else that assigned me to Kevin and Kelly.


A week later, the legal stuff was all set up and I was moving my life in a suitcase to The Smith's house. The first thing I noticed was a wall filled with equally sized black frames. Inside each of the frames was an identical yellow-framed phamplet, and there looked to be about 20 of them. They all had autographs, and as I walked up closer to the papers, I saw they were labled Playbill inside a little yellow box. And I noticed something else. Each of the autographs contained one of Kelly Smith, my Kelly Smith. I  didn't know why at the time, so I'll wait to tell you until I found out too.



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