New Story (still working on a title)


1. Chapter 1.


The house was quite, maybe everyone is still asleep. I walked out of my room, the wooden floor creaked under my weigh. I walked into the Bird’s eye room, this room was the biggest rooms in the house. It had a large window that over looked part of the front yard, the sun rays peaked through the tree as it slowly raised. Outside it was dead, not a living soul in sight. The room itself was painted a light yellow and covered with paintings mostly done by my grandmother who died when I was little. A couch was tucked against the wall and my piano was in the wrong spot. Its usual position is in front of the window, i’ll have Peter move it back later. I walked out of the room and down the creaky old wooden stairs. Not a living soul in the room, I stood still listening for my brother. His room is located under the stairs, I heard nothing. I was halfway across the room when I heard distant gun fire, I froze. Than I heard shuffling outside the back door and the door nob clattering. I dropped to my knees and made my way to the corner by the fireplace. Peter burst into the room… “Peter!” My brother ran to me. “Amy, get into the cellar!” I notice blood dripping out of a wound. “Peter! You're bleeding.” “It’s only a scratch, Hurry grab your bow and arrows and get into the cellar.” I ran up the stairs to my room and grabbed my bow and arrows, the gun fire grew closer as we ran out of the house. My bare feet felt numb on the cold damp ground. “Peter, I have to free Apple!” “You don’t have time!” I stopped in my tracks and took aim, there’s a rope that kept Apple in her stall. I focused on the rope and let my arrow fly. It cut the rope off in an instance and Apple backed out of here stall and fleeing off sensing the danger coming. Peter grabbed my arm “Chef is still in there!” “I’ll ride over on Nakota and get him out after i get you to safety.” Once in the cellar i asked my brother what was going on… “Pirates, i’ll come back for you” was his answer.  I locked the cellar door.


My mother was at friend’s house taking care of her friend’s elderly parents. My mother is a nurse and she taught me everything she knows. I sat down and started to sharpen my arrows and make more when i heard voices outside of the cellar, I did not recognize the voices, I blew out all the candles except one and positioned myself so i had a clear shot of whoever broke through the wooden doors. I heard a loud gun shot and the clinging of swords with a thump the voices fell silent, I heard a series of knocks on the door 3 loud knocks, followed by 2 soft knocks than concluded with 1 loud knock. It was a code to say they were friendly. I opened the door to sudden sunlight and my brother standing in the doorway, behind him two dead bodies laid on the ground. “Its safe for now,” said Peter, I gathered my gear blew out the candle and headed towards the house. There was a fire burning and I nod towards the smoke, “Is that Daddy?” “Yes, he’s burning the bodies, after i get you to the house safely, I'm going to go down and help him.” My brother said out of breath. I knew he was in pain but doctoring him will have to wait. When we reached the house he mounted Nakota and trotted towards the smoke. I walked in the house and threw my arrows on the couch and put my bow on the counter.  I opened the windows to let in air and light, it was mid-day now. I turned towards the kitchen something didn't feel right, the rug was messed up, someone has been here. I turn to the door when suddenly something grabbed me around the neck. I screamed loudly before the hands closed around my neck, and started to elbow my attacker as hard as i could. I than used most of my strength to push them into the wall, my attacker’s grip loosened and I squirmed out of his hands. I turned to face my attacker….. it was a pirate.


He pulled a knife on me and luged at me, i grabbed my bow and blocked his attack. His knife scraped across my bow and sliced open my arm, I screeched in pain and shock. I reached back to grab an arrow and quickly realize i had thrown them on the couch.. I dodged his next attack and looked around frankly, my eyes caught sight of a gun by the back door. It was my Daddy’s shotgun, I’ve never shot a gun on my own, but this was my only option. I swung my bow at the pirate than made a run for it. I snatched up the shotgun and bolted outside the pirate followed. I cocked the gun turned around and fired! The gun shot echoed loudly and the  pirate fell to the ground but kept coming at me. I cocked the gun again and fired a second time. The pirate stopped moving and a red pool of blood spilled out of him. In shock i fell to the ground, i heard the sound of two sets of hooves coming towards me. I stood up to greet my worried Father and brother. My brother didn't wait to stop his horse instead he jumped off and ran to me. My dad unmounted and looked at the scene, than hugged me, comforting me. My brother looked me over and noticed the cut on my arm. “Dad! check the knife make sure its not laced with poison!” My dad searched the body and pulled out the knife and licked it. I had totally forgot that some pirates lace their knives with poison.  My dad stood up, “She’s good, Amy are you okay?” “Yes dad i am.” He gave me another hug than trotted off to the fire. My brother told me to stay outside while he searched the rest of the house. When he had finished he hugged me and went to join my Dad. I went inside and cleaned my wound. Than i got dress and started to clean the house. 

It was almost dust when Mother came home, I had dinner ready. Together we doctored the boys, My brother had suffered from two cracked ribs and a few cuts, my dad only suffered from a few cuts. Thankfully this pack of pirates didn’t have any poisoned knives. Dinner was about done when there was a knock on the door. I rose to answer the door but my brother waved me off. I sat down “How odd for someone to be out and about this late at night.” uttered my mother as she started to clear the table. My brother opened the door and a soldier stood in the doorway, “Amy, help your mother.” my father said as he walked out of the room. I started to dry the dishes “what on earth has brought a soldier to our residence?” muttered my mother “Is there a war going on?” I asked my mother, “Maybe over seas, or it could be the pirate problems,” answered my mother. I saw my father motion the soldier into the living room, “Amy, can you please get this young fella some water and a plate of food.” I bowed my head and threw some wood on the fire to warm the plate of leftovers up and my mother went to the water bucket to fetch some water. When the food was warm i brought the water and the food to the young soldier, he thanked me and asked for my name. “Amelia Johnson, but you may call me Amy.” I answered “why thank you Amy, I must say you are a very lovely young lady.” the young soldier said. “Thank you.” “So what brings you here?” asked my father. The soldier answered “Sir, you have been called to duty, it is unclear where you will be stationed but you must report to base by mid-day tomorrow.” “I see” my father answered. “One more thing Sir, a soldier’s family has been assigned to stay here.” “oh? and what is the report on that.” asked my Father, “The son of a soldier will be staying here, he is schedule to be here between mid-day and dusk tomorrow.” “Well, soldier I’ll will be at base on the dot and this boy is welcomed here at the Johnson residences,” my father announced. I excused myself from the room and made my way upstairs. I changed into my pajamas and changed my bandage, thats odd the cut is almost healed completely. I walked down the hall to the guest room at the end of the hall, I laid fresh sheets on the bed and got the room ready for tomorrow. As I made the bed I wondered to myself just who this boy was, was he my age, what new adventures would he bring to life? I left the room and wondered into the Bird eye’s room. My piano was still in the wrong spot, as if my brother knew he appeared at the top of the stairs. “Peter can you please help me move it back to its spot.” He moved it with ease and went to sit on the couch. I knew he was waiting, almost every night I will play the piano. I sat down at my piano, Candles were lit all over the room. Than I gently played a soft relaxing tune, I heard my brother groan as he spread out on the couch. I was completely lost in the beautiful music that I hadn’t realize my parents had come up to join the music that echoes through out the house. I played a few more pieces knowing this may be the last time i’d play with the whole family present. Daddy was leaving tomorrow, Daddy was leaving tomorrow. The thought repeated in my head as my finger hit the last note ending the song. I stood up to go to bed, I hugged my parents and brother goodnight. I snuggled up in my bed than blew out the candle falling instantly asleep.

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