Jasmin Red

Jasmin Red is my own character. And this is her story.


1. Her story.

Jasmin was a happy little girl, She had a lot of friends, and some lovely parents. But as time went by her parents divorced, and her friends abandon her when she needed them the most. Jasmin where broken inside, but never showed it on the outside. 

For several years now, she have had an act on. So nobody actually knew how she felt. And that wasn't even her only problem. Her teeth was unormal sharp. She tried to get them fixed at the dentist, but there were nothing they could do. The other kids teased her and made fun of her sharp teeth, which even broke her more. And her only solution was to put up an act. She never told her parents, and acted like the little sunshine they wanted her to be. 


Today Jasmin is 16 years old, and not much have changed. The other kids still made fun of her, and she didn't have anything but fake friends. 

There were this specific group of guys who would never leave her alone. They would come every break and make fun of her. Calling har "shark teeth" and lots of other names. They broke har humanity more and more for everyday that went by. Because she never told the adults, they never stopped. They just kept coming, making har run away crying. Laughing at her. 

One day though, when she ran away she didn't run to the same place like she always did. She just ran, without knowing where to. When she finally stopped, she looked up to find herself in the school cafeteria. No one ever comes in here, so she would be safe. She then began crying, slamming her hands on a table counter. Her eyes tighten shut. Not understanding why this always happened to her. Slowly opening them, looking down she see's a kitchen knife laying on the table beneath her. She slowly took it in her hands, looking at it.. She thought about all that have happened to her. Her friends abandoning her, all the other kids making fun of her. And that group of guys in particular. A small grin reached her face, and her mind went black.


Back in the class, the group of guys were standing at her table. The door oppened slowly and Jasmin walked in, looking at the ground. 

"Back for round 2, i see?" 

Jasmin slowly walked toward them, without looking up. 

"Ha, gonna stand up for yourself no-" 

Without another word, the person fell to the ground. Crimson red spreading on the floor. It took some time for the rest to understand what just happened. Terrified looks were on all their faces, while a big grin were on hers. She slowly looked up at them, liking some of the blood of the knife. 

"So.. Who's next~?"

The rest of the guys screamed and began running away. 

There were several screams and yells coming from behind them. They didn't dare to look back though. They parted ways to try to escape. But only more bloodshed came from that. There were only one left now. He found a door but it was locked. He tried to unlock it, but you needed at key to do that. He turned around to find another way out, but stopped in his movements. Jasmin stood some feet in front of him, with a bloody knife in hand, and a big grin on her face, ready to end him. 

"...London bridge is falling down, falling down, falling down..~" 

She began singing the lullaby London bridge is falling down, while moving closer and closer to him. The boy pulled and used all his might to open the door, but nothing worked.

"London bridge is falling down.. My. Dear. Lady..!

A pool of blood, and a pierce wrecking laughter began growing. Jasmin stood up, looking at what she had done. Seeing her reflection at the corner of her eye in a mirror. At first she had a little frowned , but it quickly grew to a grin. She took the knife and began cutting her cheek. Until a hole big enough to see her teeth appeared. The grin grew bigger. She then saw her eyes, crimson red.. as the blood itself. She smiled to herself and walked back to the classroom. To end, what, she, had, started

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