The Fall

ShadowTail was furious to be kicked out of thunderclan. She wanted revenge, But what would she do? Many cats know that there is a deadly rouge in the forest. ShadowTail has to survive the dangers of the forest in a new clan while plotting her revenge.


1. The New Clan

ShadowTail crouched behind the juniper bush. She waited for the thrush to come closer. She was about ready to pounce on it until she heard something come closer. She went to look for what it was, and the thrush flew off. She noticed the thing next to her was another cat. In fact, It wasn't just any cat. It was GoldenTail, her old friend.

He took one look at her and said, "What are you looking at?". ShadowTail stared wide-eyed in shock. He didn't seem to be happy. Then he turned and sped off. She decided to follow him. She was his friend, after all. When she finally caught up to him, he disappeared into a hole in the ground. Where was he going? She went into the hole and into a very long tunnel.

It was a while before ShadowTail had reached the other side. I was nice to smell fresh air and... Other cats? ShadowTail looked around, And what she saw was breathtaking. It was another clan, and although it didn't have many cats in it, it was beautiful. Next to one of the dens were juniper berry bushes. She assumed it was the medicine cat den. She padded over to a den by a fallen tree. Inside she saw GoldenTail. He was busy talking to another cat, Who was a Blue/Gray she-cat with one white paw. She didn't want to interrupt him, so she turned and started to leave.

Before ShadowTail could get one paw out of the den, The she-cat looked at her and said " Who's that?". Now she couldn't leave. ShadowTail turned back around to face the two cats. GoldenTail's amber eyes stared at her for what seemed like an eternity. Then he opened his mouth to say "Hello, ShadowTail.".

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