The Fall

ShadowTail was furious to be kicked out of thunderclan. She wanted revenge, But what would she do? Many cats know that there is a deadly rouge in the forest. ShadowTail has to survive the dangers of the forest in a new clan while plotting her revenge.


3. Dreams

ShadowTail stood in a dark forest covered with mist that spread across the forest floor like a blanket. She whipped around as she heard sounds. Distant barking and snarling filled the forest.

ShadowTail shook with fear as the sounds got louder. She saw figures come out of the bushes around her. The dogs were closing in on her, foaming at the mouth like rabid wolves. She backed up slowly, hissing at the wild beasts. She bumped into another dog. ShadowTail turned around to look at the dog before it lunged at her and everything went black.

ShadowTail woke up with a start. Her mind was racing. Was she dead? Is this StarClan? She looked around. There was WolfHeart and HawkStripe, a cat she met during her time in GoldenStar's clan; Which he had named "BrokenClan". This definitely was not StarClan. All of a sudden, ShadowTail heard yowling. It seemed to come from the nursery.

When ShadowTail made it into the den, she saw SilverFang. Her head was hung and she yowled out as if she were in pain. She seemed to be upset about something.

ShadowTail padded over to SilverFang. " Is something wrong?" She asked.

"No..." She replied. "Not at all...". SilverFang's eyes were clouded.

" What happened?". After a long pause, SilverFang responded.

"My kits... Two were killed by dogs. SpiderKit is all I have left.". ShadowTail was surprised to hear this. Was this what her dream meant? Behind SilverFang a small kit meowed. The kit took one look at ShadowTail and ran behind it's mother's back. ShadowTail decided to leave then.

Once she was outside the den, ShadowTail looked up at the sky. The sun started to peek through the leaves of the trees. She sat in the middle of camp and watched the sunrise.

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