The Fall

ShadowTail was furious to be kicked out of thunderclan. She wanted revenge, But what would she do? Many cats know that there is a deadly rouge in the forest. ShadowTail has to survive the dangers of the forest in a new clan while plotting her revenge.


2. Clan Meeting

ShadowTail was surprised. She expected GoldenTail to be mad at her. "I...I..." She stuttered. "I figured you would follow me." He quickly said. Then he turned and said something to the other cat. After he finished talking, He said "We need more warriors. HollyLeaf will show you around, and then you can think about it." She quickly agreed. HollyLeaf mewed "Follow me.". They walked outside the den and towards another one hidden behind ferns.

" This is the nursery." HollyLeaf explained. "Do you want to go inside, or should we move on?". ShadowTail agreed and they pushed past the dangling ferns." They were quickly greeted by the mewling of Kits. One of the queens looked up.

"Who is this?" She said. "Where did you come from?". 

HollyLeaf quickly said " ShadowTail, this is SilverFang. SilverFang, this is ShadowTail. She is a friend of GoldenStar." ShadowTail then realised it. GoldenTail wasn't GoldenTail at all. He was now the leader of this clan. There was silence in the nursery for a moment (Save the Kits). Finally, SilverFang said "Welcome to the clan." And continued caring for her Kits. HollyLeaf and SilverFang continued on, going to den after den after den, until they had finally finished the tour. HollyLeaf stopped and said "ShadowTail, we need more warriors. Please join our clan." She thought about this, and then agreed to join. Soon after this, they both heard GoldenStar say "I would like to start a clan meeting!" He jumped on top of a pile of rocks nearby his den and waited for the rest of the clan. ShadowTail joined the others by the rocks.

GoldenStar then proceeded to say "I overheard thunderclan talking about how RiverClan is falling apart. This means we can get their fish." Just then another cat angrily interrupted GoldenStar. ShadowTail knew this cat. It was WolfHeart, another old ThunderClan cat.

"That is wrong!" WolfHeart yowled. "We shouldn't steal their food! It is against clan rules!"

"WolfHeart" GoldenStar replied. "We do what we must to survive."

"It's still not right! We can find some other way to get more food!" ShadowTail stood up. "If the clan needs food to eat, we should do something about it. It doesn't matter who's food it is." WolfHeart glared at her. Then he stormed off at almost full speed. " Clan dismissed. " GoldenStar said. Then he padded up to ShadowTail and said "Don't worry, he'll come back. Right now, you should get some rest.

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