Smile |Diabolik Lovers| (Seme! Sakamaki Brothers x Uke! Twin! Male Reader)

It doesn't matter what happen in the past. Forget all of those painful memories and be free. Nothing can stop a person from deserving their own happiness.

(Seme! Sakamaki's Brother x Uke! Twin! Male Reader)

誰もが幸せに値する (Everyone Deserves Happiness)


5. 05

“Wake up, you little shit!” The angry woman kicked his older son off the couch, expecting him to be awake, but to only received no reply.

“Oi!” She squatted down to examine her son. She looked disbelief when she checked his pulse to hear a faint heartbeat.

‘There was no way he could be dead,’

“Wake up!” She stood up to kick him again, but there wasn't any reaction like before, “Stop with this useless pranks of yours!” She kicked him harder.

The young albino had to arrive in the room to check on the commotion, and seeing the poor boy accepting all of the abused had brought a sinister smile on his face. Sadistic as he is, he wasn’t smiling about the bruise, but he was smiling about his idea.

They were the perfect bride, both of them were. They were perfect for his sons.

“There wouldn’t be any need to wake him up, he’s just unconscious” Karl had ordered one of his guards to lifted the eldest brother up by a snap of a finger. “Don’t worry he’s not dead” The man had turned around with his back facing her, keeping a sadistic smile on his face.

Karl's slow and heavy footsteps on the floor only brought anxiety to the mother. It was a familiar sound she thought she had once forgotten.

She started twitching, “What are you going to do with them?” The mother of two had pulled out a lit cigarette, blowing out some smoke, hoping it could relieve her stress. Her dull eyes looked up at the half-moon, hiding her painful memories of her past.

The man had stopped abruptly by the woman’s curiosity, his malicious grin disappeared, “There isn't any reason for you to know” His head turned to the side, staring down at her, almost like he was hiding his scowl for her inquisitive.


She finally snapped. Her laugh was slowly beginning. It was mad and crazy, almost like it was describing her mind.


“They’re devils,” She yelled as she threw her lit cigarette on the wooden floor. ”They’ll only bring unfortunate to others” She gripped the side of her head, while she fell on her knees, laughing like a maniac. “They're a sin” She screamed as tears were pouring out of her eyes.

She had finally lost it after all of those years. The memories she had was coming back to haunt her. She had gone mad like she was crying away her pain, crying away the unforgotten scene.

He stopped walking as he came up to a realization about a certain death. “Now I get it. You’re her” Karl turned around with, his real nature, a shallow smile with red deep piercing eyes and a manipulative mind, “The one who was assault by that wild beast,”

“Stop!” She screamed, “I don’t want to hear it!”

“You wouldn’t need to worry about that man. He was hung after that day,” The youngest son was sleeping peacefully in his arms when he turned around. “When you found out you were expecting twins” His eyes suddenly glowed with evil in it.

Karl wasn’t the only one who had also realized something, “You’re one of them aren’t you?!”

The man let out a mischievous chuckle, “You wouldn’t need to worry, I won’t drink the filthy blood of you. I’m more of your…” He looked down at one of the twin’s neck, staring at it with glint “son’s blood” and then he looked away with a sigh, ”But of course, they’re not for me, but for my sweet and adorable son,”

“Leave right now!” She yelled as she grabbed the nearest object around her, getting ready to throw it at the demon, “Take those devil children with you!”

The albino let out a malevolent laugh at the foolish human, “With pleasure,”

The vampires left the house that day with two of the twin barely alive, and for the mother, she had committed suicide the next day from all the painful past she had.

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