Smile |Diabolik Lovers| (Seme! Sakamaki Brothers x Uke! Twin! Male Reader)

It doesn't matter what happen in the past. Forget all of those painful memories and be free. Nothing can stop a person from deserving their own happiness.

(Seme! Sakamaki's Brother x Uke! Twin! Male Reader)

誰もが幸せに値する (Everyone Deserves Happiness)


4. 04

“Onii-chan!” (B/N) screamed with what’s left of his voice.

He has been crying for hours, begging for (M/N) to wake up and say something comforting, but so far, nothing has happened. The eldest wouldn’t wake up, and he wouldn’t respond back. It was just like how his nightmare had predicted. His dear brother had passed away in his sleep, before (B/N) could even say goodbye.

“What’s with all the noise?!” A roar―so loud and malicious―had him on his feet in a second. He needed help, and the only person available right now was her.

“Please” He cried out as he ran towards her, “H-help him” He fell down his knees, while he gripped the side of her coat, begging her to save his brother, “H-he wouldn’t wake up” Endlessly tears pouring down his face, completely lost of what to do.

“Please” His voice so quiet and hopeless, not even a mouse could hear, “S-save him,”

Their mother looked shocked.

“What?!” Their mother yelled in disbelief, while she had her hand clench together “You two only had one job! And it's stayed alive! How hard can that be!” She kicked the youngest of the twin to the side, while she stomped her way towards the eldest.

“Please” (B/N) had head faced down while he gripped his old and torn pants tightly, letting his tears fall freely, “Save him, I beg you,”

His whimpers filled the living room, nothing else, until the voice of unfamiliar man spoke up, “Little boy,”


The poor boy looked up only to see a man dressed in black. The rest of his face was covered by his hat, while his white hair was tied neatly in a ponytail.

Everything about him was screaming dangerous, but it was somewhat warm.

Maybe it was the way he squatted down to smile at him, or maybe it was the way he patted his head.

Something about him was telling him, he was their key to their happiness.

Without a hesitant, the younger brother had crawled on his knees, pulling on the foreigner’s pant, “Please, help my brother!” He sobbed, while he could feel stings on the place his tears touched, “I tried, but he wouldn’t wake up!” His hoarse voice begged for help, “I don’t know what to do!”

He loosened the grip on the albino’s pants, while his hand touched the ground, getting ready to cry another puddle.


“Don’t worry” The strange man had looked straight into his eyes, “Leave everything to me”  (B/N) could feel his eyes closing slowly, and without thinking he fell asleep, only to be caught by the red eye man.

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