Smile |Diabolik Lovers| (Seme! Sakamaki Brothers x Uke! Twin! Male Reader)

It doesn't matter what happen in the past. Forget all of those painful memories and be free. Nothing can stop a person from deserving their own happiness.

(Seme! Sakamaki's Brother x Uke! Twin! Male Reader)

誰もが幸せに値する (Everyone Deserves Happiness)


3. 03

“Newspaper! Buy some weekly newspaper!”

The sober young woman let out a scoffed, as she continued walking on the snowy path. She had a bottle of beer in her hand as she gobbled it up like it was nothing. She had nothing on besides the light coat and clothing she could only afford. The shoes she once had on, were sold for money. She had no job and no more hope. So that only left her to deal with her twin son all alone.

The cold morning was nothing to her. Not even if it was floor was dirty and freezing. All of the things she endured was nothing compared to this. She had lost her job, and she had no money. There wasn't any way to take care of kids. And she doesn't have any more reason to live.

That was until that fateful day. There was a strange man dressed in black who came out of the black limo and decided to offer her a deal. A compromise she couldn't help but take.

“I’ll like to make a special deal with you, Mrs. (L/N)”

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