Smile |Diabolik Lovers| (Seme! Sakamaki Brothers x Uke! Twin! Male Reader)

It doesn't matter what happen in the past. Forget all of those painful memories and be free. Nothing can stop a person from deserving their own happiness.

(Seme! Sakamaki's Brother x Uke! Twin! Male Reader)

誰もが幸せに値する (Everyone Deserves Happiness)


2. 02

“Onii-chan! Wake up!” The youngest of the brothers had just woke up from a nightmare, and out of fear, he went to wake his brother up, hoping for some comforts.


“Onii-chan?” He rubbed his eyes as he shook (M/N)’s shoulder, expecting him to be awake, but there wasn't a given answer.

Maybe, he couldn’t hear him. So he tried waking him up again. “Onii-chan?” but it was the same. There was no reply from his brother. Why isn’t he waking up?


“Onii-chan?” Again, he asked.


“Why aren’t you waking up?” Tears were starting to form in his eyes.


“Stop playing pranks” He let out a laugh, so scared and fragile, it was almost like he was going to cry.

“Onii-chan!!” Tears were suddenly pouring out of (B/N)’s eyes, fearing for his brother, “Wakeup up!”

The youngest of the brother held onto the other brother's hand tightly, afraid of the world, “Wakeup!”

He had his head placed on (M/N)’s chest, while he was desperately crying for him to wake up, “Please!”


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