Smile |Diabolik Lovers| (Seme! Sakamaki Brothers x Uke! Twin! Male Reader)

It doesn't matter what happen in the past. Forget all of those painful memories and be free. Nothing can stop a person from deserving their own happiness.

(Seme! Sakamaki's Brother x Uke! Twin! Male Reader)

誰もが幸せに値する (Everyone Deserves Happiness)


1. 01

“You were a mistake!” She gripped the side of his shirt―lifting him up―to see nothing, but the ugly face of a despicable woman. Her dangerous glares felt like it could pierce through his skin, while she had him up high in the air with her hand around his neck.

The young boy was shaking in fear, while his hand went to free himself from her grip, but since he was smaller than an average male. He couldn't do anything about it. If only he hadn’t broken his mother's favorite vase, none of this would’ve happened. If only he had listened to his younger brother, he wouldn’t be in this situation right now.

“So useless!” With one shoved, he landed on the dirty ground while he desperately gasped for air.

“Don’t let me see your face again!” His mother said as she walked away with a bottle of beer in her hand.

“Onii-chan!” The sound of fearful cries was coming from his younger brother―tears covering his face―and without a second thought (B/N) immediately crawled towards his older brother.

“Are you okay?!” The younger twin held his older brother hand, while his other went to support him.

There were no answers and no reply coming from him, but instead, he was busy focusing on the wall, trying to catch the image he was seeing. (M/N) was seeing doubles, rather than seeing one, he saw two (B/N).

“(B/N)?” He called out as he let out a groan of pain.

“Yes!?” Alert was written all over the younger brother face, “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing, I-,” (M/N) was cut off by letting a pain of groan while he gripped the side of his head.


“I’m fine! It’s nothing-!” Again, there was another pain on the side of his head.

“Brother!” The trembling hands of the younger twin held onto his older brother's hand tightly―afraid of letting go―while he let his tears fall freely.

“(B/N), don’t cry” The oldest brother went to crease his brother's cheek, softly and affectionately, carefully, not trying to make his bruise worse. “Everything will get better someday” His eyes―that cried for help―were desperately trying to show some hope, but deep down he knows that everything was going to get worse,

“I’m s-scared (M/N),” Tears were overflowing down the face of the younger brother, “T-this place is s-scary. ” (B/N) had his small head placed against his brother's chest, while he tries to hold onto his last hope.

“It’s okay” The cracked voice of the older brother was desperate to comfort his younger brother, “Big brother is here to protect you” (M/N) went to pat his brother’s head, hoping to ease the pain in his heart.

“Don’t worry” A broken smile was spread across (M/N)’s face, while he tried his best not break down, “Someday, I’ll get both of us out of here. Somewhere far away from here. A place where we could all be happy” (M/N) lied through his teeth, hoping this illusion was a delusion.

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