Treasure Island

200 words about an islabd paradis and its beauty. What could go wrong? How about everything?


1. Treasure Island

As the sun sets across the embers of the tawny sky, I look down. Amidst the crystal clear waters, the glimmering sapphires of lagoons, and the endless expanse emerald forests, carnage is strewn across the shimmering beach. Once, this treasure-filled land had been a paradise. Now, it is nothing short of a minefield – a warzone. While opal clouds billow across the amber sky, legions of tropical birds flock to protect their homeland, their treasure-trove, from this greedy, selfish invader looking only to exploit the goodness of this land. The onyx embrace of night grasps the shoulders of diamond-like daytime. Once turquoise waters are being engulfed in a swirling torrent of garnet mist. No, not mist, but blood – garnet blood staining the water, marring the tears of this land, and filling the waters with blood rubies. As I look down upon the massacre, I think to myself; this treasure island was a land of peace and plenty, filled with emeralds, sapphires, onyx, diamonds, and amber. Now it is nothing more than a ruined paradise, a land under siege, and an obsidian warzone. I look down upon the world I created, upon the destructiveness of humankind, as its creator, and its God. 

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