My Superman (Vampire/ AU )

Matti has been looking for the guy that saved her after her abusive boyfriend tried to attack her one night about 2 years ago. When she finally gets to meet him, he is nothing like she thought he would be.


8. 8.

Matties POV

  “Can we play the on the Xbox for a bit?” I hear Ashton 
  “N-” Then  got the urge to say “Yes” but I didn't want them to. I wanted to watch netflix. Why did I want to say yes? Is he a real Vampire? I thought he was just saying that, I didn't really think he had powers. No this wasn't him doing this… was it? Or could it be the fact that he was the person who rescued me from an abusive relationship? Yeah it was just the fact that he saved me. He doesn't have powers, I'm just over thinking this. Just say no and get it over with it's as easy as riding a bike … I thought then I opened my mouth to talk “Yes” wait- what - where did that come from? I was suppose to ‘No’ so why did I say “Yes”?! i thought 
  “Mattie!” Ammy says getting up and walking away
  “I'm sorry!” I yell turning around to look at Ashton. 
  “Thanks “ He smiles then winks. I sit there in awe of what just happened. He has powers. Or he's just really good at mind control.  
  “Ashton can we talk?”  I say
  “Sure” Ash says walk toward me 
  “What ever you just did to me”
  “Yeah what about it “
  “Don't do it to me ever again or I will put a stake in your heart.”  I say gritting my teeth together looking him directly in the eyes 
  “Okay I won't” He says 
  “Yes I promise” 
  “Okay” I say as I turn around to walk to my room where Ammy is 

 I walk into my room and see Ammery on my bed lying on her side
  “Hey, Am I'm sorry” 
  “Okay” She says her voice sounds like she was crying 
  “Whats wrong?” I say sitting by her 
  “Nothing” She says sniffling 
  “Are you sure?” 
  “Can your dad take me home” 
  “Why? Is it because I let Ash and Jess have the Xbox?” 
  “No I just wanna go home..” She says “ It's not your fault, it's just i miss my dad.. I was suppose to go to his house today but I came to your house instead..” 
  “Oh I’m sorry” I say “Hold on I’ll go get him and tell him that you want to go home.” 
  “Okay” She says wiping her tears. I walk out of my room and into the kitchen where my dad was, holding a measuring cup full of flour. 
  “Hey dad,” I say sitting at the bar that was in front of the sink where he was “Um Ammy wants to go home” 
  “Oh why” He says sitting down the cup 
  “She just misses her dad..” 
  “Oh, That's right she was suppose to go see him this weekend” 
  “How do you know that?” 
  “Her mother told me” 
  “Yeah Monday. She said that Ammery might not be able to come over this weekend. I was supposed to tell you but I forgot” 
  “Oh okay. but can we take her home?” 
  “Yeah we can. I’ll leave the boys here” He says taking off the apron he was wearing “Go tell Ammy to gather her things” 
  “‘Kay” I say darting out of the room 

  “Ammy dad and I are gonna take you home” I say re-entering my room
  “Okay” She says sitting up. She crawls out of my bed then grabs her softball uniform and glove. She grabs the rest of the her softball stuff. 

 When she was done we walked out of my room and down the stairs 
  “Dad we’re ready!” I yell 
  “Okay I'm coming!” He yells back from the living room where the boys were “Boys I'm taking Ammy home okay? Behave. No Parties. No messing with your sisters room. Okay Jessie.” I hear dad say 
  “Okay I won't “ Jessie says 
  “Good. C'mon girls” He says leading us to the car 

“We're here!” Dad says pulling into Ammy's driveway 
“Okay. Bye Mattie, sorry I couldn't stay” Ammy says getting out 
“It's fine” I say waving to her “Bye”
“Bye” she shuts the door then walks inside. 
“Ready” Dad says 
“Yup “ Just after I say that I hear Ammery scream. Not like a happy scream a terrified scream. Something or someone was in there with her and i had to find out what it was. Now!
“Dad stop!” I yell. He stops then looks at me 
“What is it honey?” 
“Ammery’s in trouble. “ I say I was shaking. The next thing I knew my hand was on the handle to open the door, I pull it and the door opens not thinking I climb out of the car then run to the door and throw it open. I look around her house. Nothing's moved that I know of. Then I hear her scream again “ Leave me alone!” I hear her scream. 
“Ammy!?” I yell 
“Mattie?! Mattie run!” she yells. My guess she was in the bathroom probably locked inside like she often did. But this time it was for a different reason. I run toward the sound of her cries, but before I could actually get to the door I bumped into something and before I could fall on to the floor I felt hands on my back 
“Hello princess” 

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