My Superman (Vampire/ AU )

Matti has been looking for the guy that saved her after her abusive boyfriend tried to attack her one night about 2 years ago. When she finally gets to meet him, he is nothing like she thought he would be.


7. 7.

Ash’s POV 

 I feel the tears run down my face *Why are you crying?*  the voice inside my head says “Because s-she -” 
I don't care. just stop. Her brother just seen you.
  “No he didn't” I whisper
  “Ash are you okay” I hear Jessie say as he comes back into the room 
  “Yeah I'm fine” Yes just like that. It says sarcastically Now he's gonna think you're lying and ask you again
  “But I am lying” I whisper  
  He doesn't know that. It was right. He didn’t. But he also doesn't know that I killed his sister's ex.  
  “Are you sure?”
  “Yeah I'm fine. “ I say wiping away the tears running down my face ”I just got an eyelash in my eye “ 
  “Oh okay. Wanna go play Xbox before the girls take it?” 
  “Sure” I say playing with my lip ring 

Mattie’s POV
*At the same as the boys*
  “So you made him cry?” Ammy says like she didn't believe me 
  “Okay so your ‘superman’ isn't as super as you thought,huh?”
  “Yeah I guess you're right” I say shrugging my shoulders
  “Wanna go watch Netflix?”
  “Let's go” I say pointing at the door. 

 I hear Jessie's door open at the same mine did
  “Ammy” I whisper 
  “Huh?” she whispers back   
  “When I say ‘Run’ run” 
  “...So what do you wanna play?” I hear Jessie say as I stick my head out of my room. 
  “I don't care... “ Ashton says 
  “Ready?” I say looking behind me at Ammy
  “Yup” Ammy says 
  “Call of Duty?” Jessie says
  “Run!” I yell then quickly run out of my room Ammy right behind me 
  “Mattie really” I hear Jessie say 
  “We wanna watch netflix!” Ammy says 
  “You could've just asked!” 
  “Yeah but that's not fun” both me and Ammy say

Ashtons POV

  “Your sister is…” I say 
  “A mess?”
  “I know. She's been like this ever since mom died”
  “Oh your mother died?” I say acting surprised 
  “ Yeah, she died in a car wreck” 
  “Oh I'm sorry” 
  “It's okay it happened 5 years ago” He says 
  “Oh okay” 
  “Wanna go back to my room” 
  “Do you think we could ask your sister if we can play the Xbox for a bit?” I ask
  “She's not gonna let us”
  “Oh.. but can we try?” 
  “I guess it couldn't hurt” 

  “Mattie” I say walking up behind her 
  “Can we please play on the Xbox for a little while?”  

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