My Superman (Vampire/ AU )

Matti has been looking for the guy that saved her after her abusive boyfriend tried to attack her one night about 2 years ago. When she finally gets to meet him, he is nothing like she thought he would be.


6. 6.

  "Please don't hurt me.." I say as he pins with my hands above my head against the door
  "Matti I wouldn't do that even if you wanted me to"
  “O-okay” I stutter sure that's what my ex said before he hit me I thought as Jessie yelled once again 
  “Hurry up Ash! I kinda wanna get into my room tonight! Not tomorrow” then I hear Ammy whisper
  “Yeah I'm pretty sure he wouldn't hurt her” Jessie whispers back with a hint of worry in his voice
  “Yeah see Jessie knows I wouldn't hurt you” Ashton whispers in my ear. 
  “Yes.. but.. you see I'm not Jessie” I whisper angrily “And I don't even know you, so tell me why in the world would i trust you” 
  “Because I saved you” 
  “You killed him, how is that saving me?!” I push him away then walk over to the other side of Jessie's bed
  “He hit you!” Ashton says just above a whisper
  “So you pinned me up against a door!” 
  “Because you wouldn't let me talk!” 
  “Oh my god, I am so sorry, what would you like to say your highness” I say sarcastically
  “Stop it” He says showing his fangs 
  “Oh what is the Prince mad?” 
  “Stop it”
  “Why? Do you not like when people don't take you seriously?” I say still being sarcastic 
  “Stop it!” He finally yells as I smile Found it I thought as he grabs a handful of his hair his breaking point “Stop it! Stop it ! Stop it!” He yells again
  “Can I go now? “ I  ask smirking 
  “Go! Get out ! Just stop please” He says like a little kid 
  “Bye “ I say jumping over Jessie's bed

  “Oh my god..” Ammy whispers “What did he do?”
  “I rather not talk about it” I say as we walk into my room. I shut the door then sit on the floor 
  “Oh okay..well are you still single?” 
  “Okay then” She giggles 
  “Um Mattie?” I hear Jessie say 
  “What did you do to Ash?” 
  “What ever do you mean” I say in a British accent 
  “He's crying”
  “Oh well you see it's a funny story” I say out of character  

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