My Superman (Vampire/ AU )

Matti has been looking for the guy that saved her after her abusive boyfriend tried to attack her one night about 2 years ago. When she finally gets to meet him, he is nothing like she thought he would be.


3. 3.

  "Matti you have to talk to him!" She whispers as I take a drink from my water bottle
  "I don't have to.." I say sitting it down 
  "You have waited and looked for this boy. You have to" 
  "How do you even know if it's him?"
  "I know" she says in a melodramatic voice    
  "Your...ugh" I say smiling and shaking my head
  "Matti!" I hear my brother yell from the fence on one end of the hideout. I get up and walk over to him 
  "What "
  "You did good, and I have someone you need to meet" he says like he has planned something. "Hey dude c'mere" 
 I watch as a boy with golden hair ,tattooed arms and neck, and piercings in his lip walks over and stands by my brother. I was mesmerized by his green/brown eyes. It was him. The Boy. The one that I have been looking for.  Missing practice to sleep because I spent all night walking around. The that saved me. 
  "...Matti!" I hear my brother say
  "Huh? What? " I say finally out of the trance I was in. 
  "Matti you're up!" The coach says. 
  "Okay be right there." I say turning around to look at the couch for a second then turn back around to look at Jesse
  "He's spending the night.. Right?" Jesse says looking at my tatted up hero. 
  "Well of course I am" he says 
  "Matti out to the field now!" 
  "Okay!" I say grabbing my glove 
  "Good luck out there" the golden haired boy says smiling.. His smiled showed what looked like fangs. 
What are those? I thought as I walked on to the field


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