My Superman (Vampire/ AU )

Matti has been looking for the guy that saved her after her abusive boyfriend tried to attack her one night about 2 years ago. When she finally gets to meet him, he is nothing like she thought he would be.


1. 1.

*About 2 years ago*
 Just get home as fast as you can I thought out of breathe. Then I see him. He found me, this could be my last moment and that could've been my last thought. I was being chased by my abusive boyfriend Daniel.
  "Don't move or I will shoot you!" He yelled . He was 15 feet  away. 
  "Danny..." I say scared. Usually it works, but this time it didn't. So I look behind me. I could run. I'm going to run.  
  "Mattison do NOT move or I will pull this gun out" 
  "You sure?" I hear someone say behind Danny
  "Yes, an you are?"
  "Let's just say..." He says motioning me to run "I'm your..." I didn't care for the rest I just ran. As fast as I could for as long as I could. But before I got to the next block I heard a gun shot then I heard Danny yell.

 I'm home now. I'm finally safe from him. I look at the clock on my wall, it reads 12:01 a.m. I need to sleep. But the face of the boy who distracted Danny so I could run was stuck in my head.  The gold color of his hair and the greenish brown color of his eyes as he stood under the street light. He was beautiful. 
  'I have to find this boy' I thought as my eyelids start to get heavy. I will find this boy I thought as I finally fall asleep.

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