Model Sister

Originally it was a story I was writing just for fun, and it still is just that. So enjoy. Three sisters go on their summer vacation and end up discovering a secret resort island where a whole lot of fun lies in store.


1. A time for Song

We were so happy we broke out in song, as I carried the parasol and towels, my two younger twin sisters Marina and Merida carried the igloo and foldable lounge chairs. It was so good to have some time off from both school and work! As soon as we got here, I adjusted my setting from work mode to chill. Stabbing the parasol in the ground I shake my hips just like the vocalist Shana from her hit music video. 




After setting up our foldy chairs, Marina hits a high note. One by one we fall back into our seats- Merrida pitches in and soon the twins' voices are harmonizing together. I join in at the end. 




It was after I fell back into my chair that I realized we left behind something important; the bag with the sunscreen.


I hop out of my seat, usually I'd ask one of the twins to do it but since I had lots of free time on my hands I decided to go retrieve them myself. 

"I forgot something, I'll be back."

The twins follow me with their eyes on my way back to the hotel. Was I close to them? Not really, from the moment we met, they've been nothing but obedient, their patience and tendency to keep quiet in any situation has always baffled me, but I suppose given the fact that they have that kind of Mother it's natural. 

I am surprised at what I found left on the bed in our hotel room. Not only had we left the sunscreen but our phones, wallets and the inflatable water floats as well. Guess we were all in a rush to get to the beach. I grab the bag and head outside, on my way over to the beach I passed this section of parasol tables and on my way pass I couldn't help but notice a girl wearing a banana yellow bikini and black lace shawl. There were three dead giveaways: That pale complexion, short black blob and the pendant around her neck.  Even though she was wearing shades, I recognized her right away. 

"Sebil!" I run over. 

She meets me half-way and we hug. Sebil's an Australian Korean model, she was trained at the same school and signed a contract with the same agency as me, but due to family issues, left for Korea. It's been three years since then, I try not to cry as we pull apart to look each other over.

"So you're back from Korea?!" I was stating the obvious here. Sebil responds with that usual amused smirk of hers before nodding.

"Why didn't you tell me earlier?!" 

I don't really make friends that easily, there's always been a wall between me and others growing up and to top it off I have what you would call a resting bitch face. Sebil was and is my first best friend and currently my only friend at that. 

"Ah...It's supposed to be a secret, I had a fight with my Dad and I don't want him to track me." She tucks a stray strand of hair behind her ear as she walks with me back to her table.

"Aw, and here I wanted to take a commemorative photo." I push the phone I had pulled out back into my beach bag and try not to frown too much.

"That's fine as long as you don't upload the photos online," Sebil says. She scans our surroundings warily. I didn't know until she left, that she was the daughter of a wealthy business tycoon in Korea. She told me stories about her siblings and her deceased Mother but never about her Father. 

"Oh c'mon you know me better than that. I'm old-fashioned." I smile at the thoughts of all the scrap books I'd make back when my parents hadn't divorced and remarried. 

"Right that travel album you made of us before, I still have it. Well it's not on me now but..."

"It's fine. We can make another one... that is depending on how long you'll be here." After I say this I realize something I forgot to do. I rise to my feet.

"Hey I need to hand something off to my sisters, would you like to meet them?" I ask. 

Her eyebrows raise as she thinks about it. 

"Sure, I don't see why not."

Merida and Marina were exactly where I left them. 

"Girls, this is my friend Sebil." I introduce them and they exchange hellos.

"Whoa, twins!" Sebil looks genuinely surprised. "What are your names?"

"The one with the sea green ombre is Marina and the one with the blue streak in her hair is Merida." I explain. 

"Hi again." The twins speak in unison. Nodding as they do.


Sebil looks from me to them. I get the feeling that she wants to ask me something but not in front of them so I quickly drop off the bag but not before applying some sunscreen onto my skin first. When I'm done I grab my phone. 

"I'm going to hang out with Sebil for a bit, you guys have your keycards right?"

The twins pause before Merida retrieves the two keycards from her hoodie pocket. 

I hold a hand over my heart and sigh in relief. 

"I'll text you, then we can all have dinner together okay? Call me if you need anything."

After walking away from earshot Sebil speaks up. 

"How old are they?"

"They're fifteen." I say, I let her lead the way back to her table. 

"They're...your half sisters right?" 


"So that means they were conceived four years after you were born?" She confirms. 

"Mhm." I always try to pretend like it doesn't bother me when people ask that, but it still does.

"Don't make that face, I have half siblings too you know!" 

I make a face at her.

"That's not it."

A silence falls in between us. 

"I know." She says after a while.

Eventually, we change the subject onto lighter things.

"So, you got a boyfriend yet?"

"Please, I've got no time for distractions." I rake my fingers through my hair and look elsewhere. 

"You won't be saying that when you get older, you'll be wishing for one!" Sebil teases.

"What about you then?" I ask. I expected her to say no but her smile wanes a little.

"I have a fiancee` actually."

I blink at her.


"Shhh." She holds a finger to her lips and looks around as if someone would be listening in, even though there was no one around.

I bore her with my eyes until she speaks.

"It was arranged but he's my type and he seems nice, I guess."

I don't say anything, expecting her to continue and after pausing she does.

"Sometimes I get the feeling he might be putting on a show though you know? He's considered a genius, so he might just be using the marriage as a business deal. . . anyways he's pretty close to my Dad so I'm avoiding him too...for now. The same goes for my older brothers." 

Now I'm really curious as to what she and her Father argued about, so I ask.

"Why are you on the run anyways?" 

She sighs.

"When my Mother was alive she was against me living with my Dad, even on her deathbed she made me promise that I wouldn't look for him, and I didn't. I got involved with modeling and he came and found me... I know I shouldn't complain, many girls would kill to be in the spot I'm in's stifling. He decides everything and anything as if it's not my own life." Sebil looks up to me. Her eyes looked truly tired. 

"I want to break away from him. I ran away because I needed a break, and I also needed to come up with a plan...of what I should do in the future." She mutters this bit as she rests her hands on her chins.

"So you're not planning on resuming your modeling career?" I ask. 

Sebil opens her mouth to speak when both our stomachs grumble in protest. I check my watch while Sebil looks up at the sky and laughs.

"You should text your sisters now."

We all meet up in the town. 

"So...where should we go?" Sebil eyes the girls. "What do you girls feel like eating?"

"Barbeque," Merida mutters.

"Beef." Marina clarifies. 

Sebil glances at me.

"You know me, I'm fine with anything as long as it's nothing too out there..." I recall a memory of my experience with chitlins and try not to gag.

"Hmm...What about"- Before Sebil could finish her sentence, the twins cut her off.

"There!" They point at a boat close to the seaside.

Judging from the billboard, on the ship's side it seems like it was a business of some sort. How odd. I love it.

We draw near the deck, there was an old man heading on board and after spotting us he waits.

"Is this a restaurant boat?" Marina asks.

The old man grins.

"You could say that, yes." he looks us all over before smiling politely. "We're about to leave, but we can drop you off back here later as the boat follows a set route."

"You mean we'll be traveling too?!" Merida gasps. 

The twins look to me and I look to Sebil who looks to the old man.

"Please!" We all say in unison.

The interior of the boat did not match the outside, that is to say, the inside felt more spacious. Marina was right, there were a front desk and tables with condiments and napkins waiting to be used. As soon as we walk in we're greeted by the woman behind the front desk. 

"Welcome to Trident's Travel Lodge. To where will you be heading? Will you be spending the night?"

I blink at her. 

"You mean this place is a hotel too?"

"Yes... Are you all new?"

"That's right." Sebil confirms after exchanging another look with me. "Actually we just came to eat."

"Oh, that's fine. Would you like to apply for a membership then?"

We all blink at her.

"Is it necessary in order for us to eat?"

"It would be normally... but seeing as the captain let you all in without a card... I suppose I can let it slide this time. You'll need a membership card to dine at our other franchises though." 


"And how do we apply for this membership?" I ask out of curiosity.

"Well, first you fill out a form after it's turned in it is reviewed depending on your qualifications you can be rejected if you don't have a decent source of income. When you're approved we make you an account here, while you dine, your membership cards will be handed to you then."

"Oh..." Sebil seems hesitant and makes a face as if about to reject but the woman continues her explanation.

"You can recommend others and you can take pictures and videos as long as you don’t reveal any information about the locations or other members since it’s considered confidential information. You can lose your membership if you tell other non-members about the franchise.” 

Sounds like a place for VIPs.

"This place should be fine since you're trying to keep a low profile anyway," I tell this to Sebil though I have my doubts. 

Sebil nods. 

"So we don't have to pay for this?"

"Not until you are approved, once you are you can pick what type of membership you want. But you all look terribly hungry so I suppose I'll save the rest of the information for later. Please fill out these forms while you wait. I'll stop by shortly once you've ordered."

We find our seats at a booth and discuss our thoughts ofnthe place as we fill out our forms.

"I've never had to fill out paperwork in order just to eat," Marina mutters. 

"But it seems like we got lucky. I have a feeling if we walked in someplace else they'd kick us out." Sebil notes.

"It makes me wonder that if people like us aren't usually allowed in how do they register in the first place?" Merida asks. 

"Maybe there's a site to sign up for in advance."


"That is correct." The woman from the front desk shows up just as I finish filling out the form. I hand mine over to her.

She hands us our menus, once she receives all of them. 


"Now, There are many different types of  memberships you can apply for. Bronze, Silver, Gold, Sapphire, Diamond, and Ruby. There are also other memberships that can be granted but only for loyal members...Though that’s only to gain access to certain privileges. Even if you become a member there are certain privileges you have to pay for. Members who pay for those are normally treated very well and can receive special membership titles free of charge depending on their loyalty to our franchise. Now then I'll go turn these in, and if you and I'll answer any questions you have when I return with the results." She bows and walks off, leaving us to look over the menu.


As expected from a boat, there was mostly sea food on the menu. 

There were lots of salmon dishes. 

I ended up ordering the first thing that came to mind and that was the spicy lemon salmon and fettuccini. Marina ordered a burger, mozzarella sticks and fries; Merida, crab meat sushi, asparagus, mashed potatoes and crab cakes. Sebil settled for some creamy shrimp pasta and breadsticks. When the food came I was eyeballing the dishes of everyone elses. Should I have ordered more? Well I suppose it'd be better to see how much those memberships are first. Judging by how good the food was I expected the memberships to be crazy expensive. But when the hostess returns the price she informs us for a standard silver membership was surprisingly within my reach. I pay for the twins and myself while Sebil applies for a gold membership.


“Thank you Jesus for this delicious looking meal! Bless the hands that worked hard to prepare this and the races of animals that were sacrificed to make this as well as the ingredients used to pull this off. Amen.” Sebil makes a face at me when I close the prayer.

“You’re too funny.” She tries not to smile but as she opens her mouth to eat her lips widen .

As we eat the boat stops someplace and more customers board the boat, we all gawk in silence. They were clearly those of a higher class, these people were dressed for a party and I somewhat felt out of place but I wouldn't let that bother me because if I showed that it did it would bother my sisters- at least, that's what I told myself. So I ignored them. 

The food was just as delicious as it looked if not even more so. I was stuffed, and once we were done, the hostess told us that there was a bar upstairs as well as a dance floor where we could work off our meals. It would be a long ride back to our destination, about two hours. 

So we finished eating and decide to explore the boat. Upstairs there was a dance floor made of tinted glass, you could see a little bit of downstairs but not by much since the room was dimly lit almost like a miniature night club. We dance to the music there along with others. Later the twins and Sebil go back downstairs saying they wanted to order a chocolate cake. I don't understand how they can still have room in their bellies. Knowing that I'd only be envious if I saw them wolfing it down, I stay upstairs and roam, eventually finding myself on a terrace overlooking the deck and the ocean. As soon as I saw it I was frozen. The stars reflecting on the water's surface, its reflection seems to stain the water as the boat itself suddenly slows down and then we’re cruising through the sky. I snap a quick picture with my phone and shortly after that the boat begins to speed up again. Whenever I'm anywhere near water I end up unwinding and thinking of Mom.


There was a picture she painted of me once. Sitting on the surf board gliding across the dark waters of the night, with the stars of the sea reflecting on the water's surface. It was my birthday. That painting was supposedly meant for me. I wanted it. At times like this I remember that I still want it. Even though it's gone now. Clutching my chest I quickly leave, hoping to escape the void that might fill me. As I hurry downstairs I slip half way down, it seems like one of the steps had gotten wet somehow. Before I hit the ground, something stops me. An arm belonging to a stranger; a man. A very very handsome man. Was he Japanese? Chinese? Some sort of asian and European. I know that's racist coming from the fact that I'm a Haiwaiian who's technically mixed with some Vietnamese, Irish and Indian but...

"Whoa..." I feel like my heart's about to fly out of my chest, how could I fall for something so cliche? Judging by this guy's looks he'd had have to be somewhere in his mid-twenties.

"You should be more careful," he says eyeing the step. "Someone must've spilled their drink, they should have notified the staff..." he glances at me as if wondering why I'm not standing on my own. 

I reach for the railing of the stairs and once I find it squeeze it firmly as I steady myself. I grab the rail with both arms and shift my gaze ahead of me.

"Thank you." I bow and continue on down the stairs and yet when I'm nearly almost down I find myself looking back up again.


I stop in my tracks. He steps back down and eyes me sharply. The first impression I had of him was slightly ruined by what he said.

"That wasn't some sort of trick was it?"

I blink at him in confusion.

"If it's not then never mind." 

He heads upstairs seeming somewhat irritated.

I cock my head. Weird.

"There you are!" I'm startled by Sebil who suddenly appears at the foot of the stairs. "I was just about to get you. What were you doing?”

"Oh I was looking at the ocean, it was really beautiful you should have seen it."

“Yeah, I should’ve. But we need your help. Marina orded something that was a lot bigger than it looked like in the picture. We need your stomach for the finisher!”

"Orr she could just take it to go." I suggest but Sebil pulls me by the wrist. "I saw that fall just now," She whispers.  Now I'm really blushing.



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